An Analysis of the Local Chamber of Commerce's Community

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Getting the intended message to reach the audience and the stakeholder is one of the goals that each business should have. The perception of the audience and the stakeholders about a business determines the future of that business. The audience in the business sector refers to the targeted customers and in this case, it will be anyone interested in the products or services of a business(Warren, 2017). The paper requires to discuss the in-depth audience analysis of a local chamber of commerce’s community. The local chamber of commerce’s community profile I have located is online and it describes a strong business-audience and stakeholder’s relationship within the community. The in-depth audience analysis can be explained as one of the integral parts of marketing strategy. With the audience analysis, it is only required for the business to know the audience it is dealing with.

Approaches to Audience Analysis

There are various methods that are used when approaching the audience analysis in order to give the required results. It is always a good idea for one to approach the audience analysis by understanding the audience by considering all the pertinent elements that do define it. The other approach for a successful audience analysis is the planning of the analysis itself(Mellado, 2017). A business should have the right content and relevant to the project being handled. It is expected that the information being communicated to the audience should correlate with that project. The other approach of the audience analysis is being familiar with the product or services of the business.

Analysis of the Community Stakeholders and Audience


Demographics involves factors like ethnicity, religion, education, gender, race, occupation, and age. Depending on the kind of the topic under discussion, some of these factors might be irrelevant while others very relevant. In this paper, it is all about the using audience analysis to improve the relationship and therefore, some factors like income, occupation, age and education will greatly be relevant. For this issue under discussion, it will be advisable to have a survey that will help in realizing all the demographics within the audience.


The analysis deals with the location of the audience. The nature of the location actually affects the business continuity. It is therefore good to discuss the geographical factors that do encourage the prosperity of a business. Some geographical characteristics that do affect business are like infrastructure, topography etc. There is a need to enlighten the audience on how to overcome geographical challenges that may hinder the progress of a business. Also, the business should be situated in a location where accessibility will not be an issue(Fletcher, 2017). Having the right location of the business means that, even the audience will be encouraged more to access that business.


The kind of information is usually used to avoid getting overly technical when explaining to the audience. The information is very useful since it defines and classifies the audience by looking at their attitudes, aspirations and other psychological issues(Warren, 2017). It is one of the hardest things to do in an audience analysis since it revolves around subjective information. The psychographics is normally defined by three areas that include interests, activities and the attitudes.


The sociographics deal with individual consumers and it helps in determining the specific values, attitudes, friends, hobbies, passion, and influences. The motive that usually pushes the customers is evaluated by sociographics. The business should ensure that the audience perceives it in a positive way and it should define how the market behaves. Through sociographics, it will be easy for the audience to determine how that business does engage with the market.


With the user graphics analysis, it will be applied to guide the business on how they can benefit the audience as it still operates successfully. Usergraphics is very necessary since there will be a certain order to be followed to ensure no wastage of resources and the ones used are channeled in the right direction.


On the other analysis, it should be noted that this is the information that is normally made to the masses through the internet or social media. In some cases, the contented generated here is not true and if the audience is not keen, it might be misguided and get the wrong information. Therefore, in the audience analysis, this should be made clear(Mellado, 2017).


It will be good if the audience gets to differentiate rumors and the right information about a business. It will help to stop the negative information that normally goes around about a business. The other recommendation would be for the business to ensure that it does its part thorough and let the perception from the audience guide them.

My Rationale

If the business plays its role in ensuring that it reaches to the right audience, then there will be minimal problems happening within the community. A good relationship between a business and the community is very crucial and there is a need for the audience to feel a connection. The rationale is well planned to enable this connection. The rationale is also meant to ensure the local chamber of commerce is well addressed.


Fletcher, R., & Nielsen, R. K. (2017). Are news audiences increasingly fragmented? a cross-national comparative analysis of cross‐platform news audience fragmentation and duplication. Journal of Communication, 67(4), 476-498.

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January 19, 2024


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