An Effective Communication Plan for Quickfits Company

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A communication plan is a policy-driven technique to equip stakeholders with information. The program explains who should hold particular information and means to deliver the news. An efficient communication plan anticipates the data to be communicable. And also means of disseminating the information such as emails, and websites. The plan should also outline the communication the stakeholders should use to solicit feedback. That is crucial in bringing changes in regards to management in a company. This paper aims at preparing a communication plan for Quickfits Company to make communication efficient.


The communication plan will work to ensure that information is entirely disseminable. That will involve the communication from the directors. The report should reach the head of departments, permanent staff, contractual staff, and interns. The communication model should be compelling that it must be easy to use and administer (Bray, 2002). It must provide room for feedback and reliable to all workers. The communication plan also should be free and open to ensure that everyone participates. It should work towards giving a solution to the company problems. It should also work towards making the company operations easier to administer. A good communication model will make business more accessible and eradicate mistakes.


Messages from the company director are what will be communicable here. That includes a memo to employees about work matters. Company staff communication to the director about the work matters. Messages also that are not intended for the staff, but the company should be communicable. Private company matters such as staff meeting and directors on how to better the company activities (Joseph, 2017). The client’s information about the company what services does the client get. Messages also from the client must be receivable through a communication channel. Clients have problems with regards to company service and thus respond to the chains.


It is a great determination for quick fits to provide an environment that effective for business. This communication plan hence works towards proving an effective communication. Therefore this communication plan is meant for the director, all company staff. The clients outside the company will also use this channel to address issues. That could be issues regarding the offer of services or a better way of improving. All those ideas and proposals are taken seriously by the company to provide an adequate solution (Joseph, 2017). The communication plan will also make the communication within the organization to be comfortable. That means it must be easy for the director to communicate with the staff using the channel. Employees also must use the chain amongst each other.

Media and Tool

For effective communication, the tools used will be a website, twitter, mail, facebook, notice board and meetings. All these tools will make sure that communication process is attainable. That will solve critical issues regarding the company. The devices also will make sure that the company attains the goals set (Joseph, 2017). Through the communication channels, the problems faced are visible, and the company will take critical issues. With these channels, the company will be able to discuss the way forward in matters of business. The company will also be up to date with the information. Information is the key to making sure that company operation run smoothly. Communication tools provide order to the company by information. The company will always be in order if it takes the channels to be productive and useful.


The communication plan will make use of the phone to make communication easier. The phone will be used to communicate with staff and director. The director will use the telephone to contact offices in the company. Clients outside will also use this means to reach the group. When clients arrive at the company, the raised issues must be addressable and severe matters forwarded to the director (Joseph, 2017). The telephone should always be reliable in the daily activities of the company. That plays a significant role in making communication fas within the organization.

Twitter and Facebook

Social media is a tool for keeping clients up to date with the company activities. These channels must be used to make sure that the customers are satisfied. That path will be used to make sure that advertisement of the company reaches the clients. This will be used as a platform for addressing questions and solving problems. The company services will be advertisable here, and customers will view. Changes in the company will also be disseminable on this platform. This platform also will make sure that customers share their views and opinions. That will enable the company to ensure that they change the mode of operation

A company is there because it serves the interest of the customers. Thus twitter will be useful in placing daily events of the company. The views of the customers are more accessible to be addressable in this section. And also the IT department will make sure that daily information of the company must be posted. That keeps the company alive, and clients will be free to post their opinions. It is through social media that the company will gain support and better their services (Joseph, 2017). The company will also feel proud to air their views and customers respond to them.

Notice boards

Noticeboard will be useful in creating awareness about the company internal affairs. Here the company will post changes in matters to change of schedule. If there is any meeting in the business, it will be displayed on the notice board. Cases of pressing concerns will also be posted in the company. An internal memo is also posted on the notice boards to provide any changes requested (Wright, 2017). If there is an increase in working hours, it is typically displayed on the notice board. The company hence will use this plant to make communication easier.


It is essential for all the employees to have an email address in the company. It will be easier for the company to communicate business issues to employees. Every employee will use a private email to describe matters of work. The management will make sure that they contact employees for any changes. Each person will be able to access private information meant for them quickly. Mails are secure and thus comfortable to communicate private matters to employees (Wright, 2017). Outside clients also will receive information from the company mail. The emails will be checked to foster response.

Mail, therefore, plays a crucial part in communication in the firm. Clients use the letter to ask about services and products. Thus it is essential to perfect this tool to be useful in the company. It is vital to ensure that there is the support to make feedback instant to customers (Wright, 2017). That will make customers to value the company because it satisfies their need. A company that utilizes all communicative channels will succeed because the client’s need`s will be responded. Clients thus will always be active because they know that the organization attends to them at all platforms.


One on one sitting is a proper channel for communicating with the firm. The meeting must happen on a weekly basis in the business. All the company staffs are always present in every meeting called upon by the director. That is a tool to enhance communication staff will discuss their view on work. They will also raise their concern in regards to the company objectives (Wright, 2017). The company will know if they have achieved the set goals and how far they have gone. They will also suggest better ways of operating the daily activities to meet their targets. Meetings will always lay a foundation for where the company is heading. It is through this that all manner of dissatisfaction is addressable. The director must utilize this time to address all the issues.


The company must ensure that all the communication channels are set. They must be ready and working. It is crucial to provide that there is a proper response to the social media service (Wright, 2017). The IT department will set a support team that will ensure that feedback is attainable. They must provide all the responses and posting of events is done daily by the company to ensure progress. Meetings should also be held and be mandatory because it sets a takeoff plan for the company. The firm must ensure that communication must not collapse because it will ruin the daily operation of the business. All models of connection must always be reliable and flexible


Communication on social media must be daily to keep customers up to date. All events must be posted to ensure those clients are aware of the changes that the company has made. They should also ensure that meetings are attended every Monday. When all operations are on hand with the schedule, the firm will prosper (Wright, 2017). A company must operate on time and all activities planned. The communicative model in hand will add a benefit. The communicative model will work in collaboration with time.

Ethical issues

The company will only use the social media to communicate business. Clients will also communicate matters of business. The model will not entertain a question that does not adhere to the business issues. The private company matters should not be posted to the public domain. Individual items will be addressable in the meeting, and critical solution postulated. Communication channels will always have regulation to ensure the business is the primary agenda (Wright, 2017). Employee's private information will be kept secure and not open to public domain. The media will serve to keep customers on their issues only. That will solve unethical problems arising from the company and maintain privacy.

If customers have issues with the company, they should use a proper means to communicate to the company. Access to individual information in the company will not be allowed due to security. Passwords and user credential will be kept secure to safeguard employees. If there are changes in passwords stakeholders must be cognizant. Company privacy must not be violated by anyone (Wright, 2017). Customer's private matters must not be addressable on a social media platform. All the parties must be respected, and confidentiality is taken into consideration.

Control strategy

There should be regulation to ensure that there is no violation of privacy. Customers on social media must use the press for business issues. Actions will be taken on individuals who violate that rule. There should be help platform to ensure customers understand how to use the communication plan (Wright, 2017). That will avoid the issues of violation of the allocated zones for all party. The stakeholders must ensure that they give support to ensure that the objectives are achievable. Everyone must adhere to their areas of jurisdiction as explained by the company to ensure there is no collision.

The director must be given daily progress reports regarding the progress of the plan. If there are problems with the communication plan, he must be aware. Making sure that the stakeholders are aware will help to evade mistakes (Wright, 2017). The director will also channel the resources where any short is countered. The progress of the communicative plan will only succeed if the project sponsor is aware. That will ensure that all the support needed ids are given and the necessary address of problems. The communication plan will only succeed if all the challenges it faces at all level are sorted.

Communication involves all the stakeholders in the firm. And a series of persons are required. Thus it must be collaborative. Each part must play the role each model must be adhered to avoid conflicts. The company must use the communication channel to foster information. That also must be visible to clients they must stick to their zone. That will ensure that all communicative channels in the company are in harmony. When all is at harmony communication will flow from one level to another. When disclosure is complete the company operations will also be full (Wright, 2017). It is essential to ensure that where there is communication fault, it is crucial to solving. Solving communication problem will ensure that a reliable plan for the course is valid.

The project in action must be of value and meets the stake holder’s needs. When the plan meets the needs of the stakeholders, the goals are met. It is vital to ensure the communicative program runs parallel with what the stakeholders want to achieve. Without reaching the stakeholder`s needs, the plan will be irrelevant. Therefore the free plan must respond and solve all communication problems in the firm (Wright, 2017). The stakeholders will be motivated and their goals achieved. Thus the communication plan must be beneficial to the company and ensure it is productive. A reliable model of communication that meets the goals of all the responsible parties in business is good. That must be taken in and implemented to ensure that the company attains the set targets.


A robust communication plan raises consistency of the way project is carried. The participants who follow the program should be in communication with each other. All the stakeholders must have the same idea of the project requirements.  If other stakeholders are not informed, then there is a risk of the delay of the project. When there is communication in the organization employees will be productive (Wright, 2017).  When disclosure is sufficient for the employees, they can perform their duties. A communication plan enables the manager to achieve the goals. The target results of the firm are met if the communication used is sophisticated. Notification allows the business to understand the challenges they face and solve. With all, those essential benefits will be incurred by the corporation.

Communication breeds association the more the team communicates there is unity. Fostering interaction can lead to the growth of the agency. It is vital to ensure talking is present among all organization members. Client expresses problems that the firm considers and solve due to communication. A communication plan will eliminate problems that client face in regards to services. It is important to set standards of communication as for when managers should receive data (Wright, 2017). It is essential to use all the channels of information to communicate. The stakeholders will retrieve information and respond back to the client. Without communication, you cannot understand the issues in a firm.


Communication plays a pivotal role in keeping a project in action. The director of the firm is in charge of all aspects of the disclosure.  These include the methods and the requirements of the project. Understanding the goals of the plan will help to realize the goals of an organization. It is crucial to develop a communication plan that benefits the firm. The firm will recognize their challenges and set a path towards solutions.


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