An Evaluation of Earth Choice's Marketing Campaign

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Before we launch the campaign, one of the first steps in our marketing campaign should be to outline objectives and figure out how they will be measured.  The goals will dictate what metrics are crucial to the campaign and therefore, will determine the campaign tracking techniques to be employed. Campaign tracking will provide us with deep insights into how Earth choice is performing by showing how many consumers are using our product, and whether or not they like it. Some of the metrics to be tracked will include; Unique visits (the number of visits to our website), inbound links to the Earth Choice website and social media pages, the consumer conversion rate, and the number of repeat customers visiting our website. Using the Google Analytics tool, we will be able to monitor our website and evaluate a great deal of data at both the aggregate and single page level. That way we can understand the general performance of our campaign efforts.

To analyse and, eventually, improve our unique brand marketing efforts, it is necessary that we identify what metrics to track and evaluate, and how to go about it. Among the best ways to track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is carrying out regular customer tracking surveys. By performing a customer tracking survey concurrent with the campaign, we develop a better sense of the general impact–and get customer insights to help improve future campaigns. The key is to find out how consumers feel about Earth choice brand before the launch of more ads–then to re-evaluate after. To this effect, we can be able to determine whether and ways the strategy we are using is impacting the target audience.

There are numerous metrics we will check on a regularly which will include visits to the website, leads, and customer conversion rate and inbound links to the website. Metrics such as the number of visits and the total number of leads should be checked daily. They will give an insight into how well our campaign is doing at attracting the attention and interest of new visitors who are hopefully potential Earth Choice customers. Search engine rank based on a campaign, inbound links, and customer conversion rate are metrics that don’t change significantly overnight, therefore, they can be tracked on a weekly or monthly basis. If we have a clear goal, established the metrics to be assessed, and selected appropriate tools, the analysis and evaluation should be somewhat direct. Thorough and strategic campaigning is expected to change consumers’ prior understanding of Earth Choice brand and the environmental friendly advantage it has over chemical-based brands, so they can develop a unique or affirmative attitude towards our brand and as well as boosting the profits and productivity.

September 18, 2023



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