An Inspector Calls The Film and Its Analysis

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At all times there will be people who, for their own benefit, are ready to neglect the life of their neighbor. And therefore, in our world, a decent person is considered to be one who does nasty things but does them without pleasure. For a person who has pushed his conscience into the far corner, it no longer matters at all what actions directed against others can lead to. Is it possible to achieve at least a drop of remorse from such a person, this question is answered by the film, straight from the UK, "An Inspector Calls". The moral of the film, which can be traced in films of recent years, slightly makes you think about how we deal with people, about what can happen to people because of our neglect and simply human attention.

The Film and Its Analysis

The 2015 film, being one of several adaptations of the 1945 play of the same name by John Priestly, talks about the events that took place at a festive dinner of a respectable family of Berlings, which was interrupted by an unexpected visit from the inspector who had just entered the service. A police officer has arrived to investigate the suspicious suicide of a young girl, in which he thinks everyone in the audience may be involved. And in order to find out the whole truth, he intends to talk separately with all those present (Walsh). This literary device has already been used earlier in the Sherlock Holmes series, however, due to the prosaic nature of the original, it has not been completely implemented either in film or on stage.

It sounds like the plot of a classic English detective, but in fact, the film is pure drama. The inspector here is not looking for evidence and does not examine the crime scene, and a little conversation is enough for him to push a person to confession. And the more family members speak out, the sadder the girl's story sounds, and the more terrible the whole chain of actions appears (Wollaston). Hence, another element that makes the story and its film adaptation quite unique is the presence of a dramatic story that, in the fashion of English detectives, unravels steadily, much to the audience’s rich reaction.

Most of the action in the film takes place in one room, but, despite the intimacy, the gradual development of the story does not let go of the screen. It is insanely interesting to watch the emotions of the audience, as they all experience both emotional ups and downs in the process of narration, a nearly perfect acting job. David Thewlis, with his final monologue, is especially memorable, turning from an ordinary inspector into something more sublime. In his last phrases, the whole message of the film is hidden. He tried to set at least a few people on the right path, but typical for such a story, it is not for nothing that the film takes place a few years before the First World War (Wollaston). Unlike the Sherlock Holmes series, inspector Goole seems to be more humane and individualistic, allowing people to bring pieces of the puzzle together rather than doing it on his own.


The film "An Inspector Calls" lasts only about an hour, this hour flies by almost unnoticed, the idea is rather peculiar for a typical English detective story and its plot is addictive. An inspector comes to the rich man's house, says that one girl committed suicide, and starts asking questions. The film is meaningful and shows the cruelty, depravity, and selfishness of the top of society. As a made-for-television movie, An Inspector Calls does not have enough stars in the sky, but it does not need to. This is a beautiful drama that reveals human vices, with an excellent cast. The picture works absolutely correctly, leaving after viewing a sad feeling associated with the fact that we often began to forget what the life of another person means.

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June 24, 2022


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