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5.  An invoice is an important document of accounting. It is a document that keeps records of the services and goods provided and acts as an evidence of sales. It also keeps track of the amount of money paid and the outstanding debts in the transaction. Generally, an invoice is an important document for record keeping that may be used in filing tax returns. In light of this, it would be prudent to write an invoice to the client to keep track of the transactions. Providing documentations of any withdrawal from the trust account is essential for auditing, review, or even investigation (Coffee et al. 2015, 9).

6. The cheque will be written in favor of Jack Savage.



1 Queen Street

Chermside QLD 4036


This is to inform you that Savage Legal has complied with your authorization and paid $750 from the ANZ Savage Legal Practice Trust Account as settlement fee for the proceeding services being rendered. The company would like a receipt of the settlement check to ensure that the funds are received in time to cater for the businesses and contingencies related to the running of Jack Savage Legal Company.

Yours Faithfully,

>>>name <<<

Jack Savage Legal

8. “Liability Limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation” is a statement used to tell the client that one carries out their activities under a Professional Standards Scheme that is approved. Limited liability implies that one is only legally responsible to a certain extent (Coffee et al. 2015, 13). It is used in most documents to disclose one’s limited liability status and failure to prescribe the statement of disclosure would place the practitioner in the breach of legislation. It may also jeopardize one’s access to limited liability under the Professional Standards Scheme.


Coffee Jr, J.C., Sale, H. and Henderson, M.T., 2015. Securities regulation: Cases and materials.

December 12, 2023
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