An Overview of Quality Product and Service Excellence

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The course has been a great learning platform for me. I have learned a lot relating to quality product and service excellence in organizations and their relation to performance and profitability. The three main aspects that stand out from the course include the foundation of performance excellence and the opportunities available for improved quality, the theories and models that augment performance and quality improvement, and tools and techniques for quality and process control (Evans, 2017, p. 150). The role of innovation and creativity, process improvement, and breakthrough improvement are some of the areas I believe leading organizations in both quality and revenue have leveraged to succeed globally. The course has helped me understand how to implement these ideas in practice and ensure the motivation of employees and the production processes is not affected negatively. The course also incorporated many real life examples and applications that provide a direct link between theory and practice, which have helped me to have a better understanding of the workplace.

            I believe the information from the course will be of great help to me professionally. I will apply quality product and service provision to the performance of my roles within an organization. As a manager, which is my professional goal, I will use the techniques and models learned from the class to improve quality in a company setting. I also have learned of different quality theories that have proved useful including agency theory, ensuring motivated employees through workforce empowerment, engagement, and inclusion in decision-making (Evans, 2017, p. 361, 377). I will also apply the understanding of leadership and performance excellence to lead in a fast-changing work environment and be more effective as a change agent. The current economic environment requires leadership qualities and understanding that augments effectiveness in understanding the change process and how to implement the changes successfully (Evans, 2017, p. 428). The course has been very integral in my understanding of quality control and employee motivation processes that are critical in change implementation process. I believe these skills and understanding will be very important for my professional performance as a manager.    

            I anticipate that the tools and theory learned from the class will provide a strong background for the formulation of strategies and decisions that augment the quality and overall work process in the company. My understanding of the theories on employees’ performance, quality improvement, service provision, and process improvement will help me solve emerging issues in organization setting and overcome challenges while augmenting my collaboration and performance in teams (Evans, 2017, p. 337-348). The tools will also help me develop new processes that improve the service provision at the organization setting and augment customer satisfaction. I believe I have the skills and understanding to conduct customer surveys and feedback for process and product quality improvement. I also have an in-depth understanding of quality aspects for products and services that will help me become a better quality manager and will allow me to engage other stakeholders especially suppliers in ensuring product quality. The course has also allowed me to understand the different models that have been implemented successfully in different industries and service sectors. These models and tools including the Toyota Production System, that has gained global application in different service and manufacturing sectors, will offer me strong basis in different management roles.


Evans, J. R. (2017). Quality and performance excellence, management, organization, and strategy (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

November 13, 2023

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