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In a study, population refers to the overall number of individuals represented by the findings of the study (Sekaran and Bougie 2016, p.91). The population should be precisely defined in order to ensure that the findings and the results are applied appropriately to the class of elements. In our case, the population of the study is SASO team and civil defense.

Sampling Method

Due to lack of enough resources and limited amount of time, it is not always possible or practical to include the whole population in the study. A sample is picked from the data set, known as population, to represent the feedback of the total population (Denscombe 2014, p.178). After identifying the method of data collection, the next task is to decide the respondents’ characteristics (Naoum 2012, p.778). The sample size to some extents affects the association of the variables to be studied. It is therefore very important to select the size of the sample in order to avoid encountering errors in the results or findings.

 In our case, the total population is 24 and the sample size is 16 taken from the two groups that were interviewed, namely civil defense and SASO team. Interview, internet, and survey methods were employed to gather the required information from the respondents. Purposive sampling method was used where the questionnaires were sent physically to the users of elevators and escalators. This method was particularly useful and important to avoid distributing the questionnaires randomly thereby gathering data from even the non-users leading to collection of inconsistent data. The questionnaire was intended to concentrate on the security features of employing elevators and to indicate the worth that the users give to the safety ways.

Furthermore, the questionnaire aimed at acquiring the response on the pains and gains for the escalators and elevators users that the research employs in the typical business canvas to be used in strategy building. It is worth noting that researchers usually administer questionnaires to selected respondents. It is proper to outline more when needed in order to make it more understandable to those who might have difficulties in answering the questions. 

Research Objectives

The study pays attention to safety significance and pains and gains experienced by the users of the elevators and escalators. Based on the findings from the research, the researcher initiates the results thereafter checks the possibility of establishing the proposed business. The research will inspect prices of the escalators and elevators by the competitor in order to establish the third party Company for escalators and elevators.

Sources of Data

The sources of data that exist in research study are primary and secondary data sources (Cooper, Schindler and Sun 2006, p.6). This research study employs both secondary and primary sources of data in giving answers to the research question. The two data sources are important, as they are helpful in generating the findings and conclusions of the study, and the necessary recommendations.

Primary Sources

The data collection methods employed in this study are questionnaire, internet and interview approaches as the instruments for collection of data in a joint quantitative and qualitative methods. The survey technique used allows data collection from a varied span of respondents. The data that is collected from a wide range of respondents ensures that sufficient evidence is gathered in order to reach a conclusive recommendation. The survey plan allows a large amount of data to be collected, which is subsequently, analyzed using the right statistical tools, for instance SPSS software, in order to arrive at the right conclusion. Primary data was gathered from SASO team and civil defense members. This is data collected for a strategic reason of study. Through the data, collected using this method, the research enhanced execution and understanding of the subject under examination. For this particular research study, information was collected from 24 users of escalator and elevator using survey questionnaire, while the civil defense and SASO team members were interviewed.

The reason as to why the questionnaire was used was to ensure that the information was regular on all factors regarding the users of the elevators and to get responses on the gains and pains experienced by the users to be employed in business model strategies; therefore, is employed in building plans. The interview approach was used to gather data from the civil defense and SASO team.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources refer to information that has been obtained or collected by the study, and help in making a precise conclusion of the research study. The researchers obtain these sources from already existing data (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016, p.127). For this particular study under consideration, internet is the major source of its secondary data. Secondary data was very significant in collecting information that would help the research to find answers to research questions under study.

Data Analysis Techniques

Data analysis on quantitative data is done using SPSS software and Microsoft Office Excel. Data Analyst first, codes and keys in data into the SPSS software in order to make it easy to run the analysis. Descriptive features of the output are presented using graphs and tables, as well as using other determinants of descriptive statistics. The researcher using manual methods, in order to reduce the amount of data to be used in the analysis, codes qualitative data.  He or she then analyses quantitative and quantitative methods concurrently. Likert scales maybe also employed where possible to make it easy to analyze quantitative data.

Limitations of Methodology

The research uses a sample size of 16 in a population of 24. This size of the sample is considerably large to act as a true representation of the total population. As a result, researchers should always employ appropriate methods in order to arrive at the right amount of sample size to avoid under or over representation.  The population size from which the sample is drawn is considerably low considering the number of individuals who use the elevators and escalators. The research should use a relatively higher number in order for the findings to reflect true results. Different appropriate statistical techniques should be employed in order to arrive at the target group. A pilot study should always be carried out to find out the applicability and the appropriateness of the scale to be used in the study. Pilot studies help in introducing constraints and measure, clearness of directions, and assist in defining the appropriate level of the variable, which is independent. Researchers should carry out pilot study in order to help in understanding the questions highlighted in the research problem section.


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