Analysis of Short-term and Long-term Goals of

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Hire a Writer is a site whose aim is to attract customers from across the globe who may be interested in our products. The main goal of the site is to avail a platform where customers can view our products, assess whether they suit them and make their orders. The site has both short-term and long-term goals where the short-term goals are the attraction of customers, and the long-term goals are the final provision of a site whereby customers can make payments and ask for delivery of their products as they deserve. The long-term and short-term goals are analyzed below.

Short-term goals

The attraction of customers over the internet; the site is expected to provide an online attraction of customers who would otherwise not have been attracted if it was not there (PSTATZ, 2018). The site is expected to attract the customers in some ways such as in adverts and by the use of SEO.

Showcasing products to make the customers have a glimpse; the site is expected to display a few images of the products we offer to give the expected clients a fair view of the products. This will help in more visitations to the organization's site.

Long-term goals

Formation of an integrated system; after its inception and general operations, the site is expected to be an overall integrated system that will enable the clients to search for the goods offered, inquire about the goods, order them, pay and approve deliveries. The site is therefore expected to be an all-inclusive site that guarantees the clients and the system administrators a central point of operations.

Solution finding mechanism; beyond enhancing sales, the site is expected to be a hub of information to the clients. It will serve the purpose of enlightening the clients know more about the items, inquire of failures in ordering or deliveries and also leave complements whenever they wish. The site thus will be a solution finding mechanism for the firm and the hard front-office customer care duties will be instrumentally relieved.

Intended Audience offers a wide range of products ranging from furniture, clothes, and electronic goods, the site, therefore, wishes to attract the following audience;

Fashion-oriented Individuals

Fashion-oriented individuals seem to have an attraction to sites where fashion is pertinent. As such, we hope, our site will attract this group of people by first making fashion and clothes important topics on the site (Ahlgren et al., 2012). Consequently, fashion oriented individuals will be active visitors to the site and customers too.

Electronic Oriented People

Electronics will be perfectly displayed on the site, and hence individuals who have an attraction for electronic goods will be an active audience for the site. The site will display various electronic goods ranging from appliances like refrigerators, music systems, television sets among others (Bernus, Mertins & Schmidt, 2013). The site considers the sales from this online group over the internet will increase with time.

 Families at large

Families are a considerable audience for the site since all the goods sold by the side have such a huge affiliation to families. Items such as furniture, clothes and electronic appliances are so required by families, and hence the site will adequately serve families as they manoeuvre around the internet for quality household items such as furniture. The site considers that with families being a major audience, the sales will increase instrumentally owing to the idea of ordering online and getting goods delivered on time.   


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