Analysis of The Use of Metaphor in "Corvallis"

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The New Campus in Corvallis

The piece is directed towards providing the reader with detailed information about the new campus that the writer has attended, Corvallis. The part is quite to detail, and it employs different figures of speech in its excursion, and the author provides the reader with the quite substantial information needed to understand the Topic. First, the author gives a detail of the location of the campus as well as the immediate environment that surrounds the area. The writer further compares the city with her hometown and points out the differences which make the author both love and hate the new place he is bound to stay in for the next four years. The author further explains the advantages as well as the limitations of the place. The benefits include people being polite and greeting her good morning and limitations include short daytime as at 5 pm, the dark has already set in.

Figures of Speech

The author employs various figures of speech in the piece which helps in passing on the message successfully to the reader. The use of rhetorical questions is significant, for example, "so what now? Dining halls? Whack," "People writing bomb threats in the bathroom? How cute." The use of rhetorical questions is not sufficient, and there is no adequate fulfillment of the role. The author's rhetorical questions should reflect and help the reader to establish the theme of the piece. The author, however, employs the use of metaphors and similes appropriately, and this helps the reader to create a mental picture about the issue or feature being discussed. "It feels like a warm hug on a cold day." This simile shows that the experience of the new place is welcoming and one feels home despite being far away from home. "Best college town in the Pac-12. It looks like the middle of November, Leaves falling, Trees changing colors, Pumpkin Spice on a Sunday morning." this metaphor also creates a mental picture of the beauty of the new place as the eve of winter.

Effective Aspects

In the play, some of the aspects are working particularly well in the growth of the topic and realization of the agenda. The metaphorical language employed works well in the creation of a mental image of the place being described. The author also uses personification well by giving non-human features human characteristics. "The cold walks to my 9 am." In this case, the cold does not walk, but it is given the human attributes of walking to make the story more appealing to the reader.

Strong Support Statements

The author also significantly provides strong support statements of the claims by giving evidence which helps in proofing the allegations. An indication of the reason why people are more helpful compared to her hometown, the author provides supporting evidence for the same. "People are way nicer here than where I'm from. Holding doors for me, Smiling and greeting me good morning." The supporting evidence is substantial and proof of the greatness of the place. The Tone used by the author is compelling, and it dramatically helps in the development of the theme and realization of the goals and objectives. The tone helps the reader realize the set goals and harmonize with the scope of the new environment being explained by the author.

Improvements and Reader Engagement

The author should focus more on extending the Sentences and employing more figures of speech to make the piece more interesting and compelling to the clients. The author should also employ alliteration and repetition to bring in a musical effect to the article and thereby keep the reader attentive to the piece. The author should also consider setting the piece into paragraphs so that each of the sections will carry a specific topic regarding the theme of the story.

A Complete Picture

The reader is entirely brought into all the aspects of the piece through use of alliteration as well as metaphorical language to help in mental visualization of the new place. The reader is adequately fed with all the aspects of life, ranging from weather, to personalities in the region to the beauty and limitations of the place. The risks associated with the new place is also identified and highlighted, "People writing bomb threats in the bathroom?" The reader is therefore able to scoop from all the aspects of life and the decision of whether the beauty lies in this place is left to the decision of the reader.

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