Analysis of Ventura Project

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Ventura Projects

Ventura projects involve the design events in terms of exhibitions in Dubai, New York, and Milan regions. The project involves showcasing of the new generation designs and has partnered with established labels and brands. Ventura future is the latest event in the major project that was held in Milan on April 2018. The event involved the showcasing of the creative, latest and the best contemporary designs on the market. The exhibition of the design was carried out in Loft building and the FuturDome.

Analysis of Ventura Future


The name of the project Ventura future gives the mission that the company is working to achieve. Critical evaluation of the existing design is done to develop necessary improvements. Creativity is a critical skill required for the success of the event and the project at large. The project comprises of both the young designers and the researchers who are innovative and brainstorm about the future. Ventura future provides the best academies for the future designs as creativity is the driving force. The project believes in student research as an engine for innovation of better ways of designing (Goulding, Pour, Arif, and Sharp 2015, pp.167). New visions in the design fields are discovered through student research. The academies research has helped to innovate concepts that are applied in architecture and engineering disciplines.

FuturDome is a housing museum that purposes to nurture the upcoming talents and give a conducive environment to the creative thinkers and innovators. The futurDome is a place where the arts, housing and furniture exhibitions among others take place. The mission of FutureDome is to integrate the historical and the modern artwork in housing and other fields in order to improve. The Loft is another phase of the event that involves the beautiful gallery space for exhibitions. Both the Loft and the FuturDome are the used sites for the exhibitions of the future design.


Ventura future has a positive attitude towards the future of design. The positive attitude of the company has been nurtured in the minds of the employees. The right attitude makes them conquer the challenges and become self-motivated. The right attitude makes the designers develop the willingness to learn the new skills and hence creativity is nurtured (Boks, Lilley, and Pettersen 2017, pp.676).


Ventura Future event emphasizes the integration of technology in the future of design. Technology can be used in architectural and engineering areas to give efficiency. Therefore, the target for the event includes real estate companies, furniture, technological designers among others (Goulding, Pour, Arif, and Sharp 2015, pp.164). The exhibitions are meant to provide better and improved features of designing. The project aims to demonstrate how the designers can produce solutions to existing challenges in design. The modern workplace deals with complex and big data that needs an advanced method for efficiency. The exhibitions encourage creativity and innovations that can be applied in the future of design. Ventura future event accommodates the sectors in the business that requires innovation. The technologists, engineers, designers and the analytics try to find better options of dealing with the current problems in the industries (Bachman, Johnston, O’Malley, Schulenberg, and Miech, 2015, pp.643).

Communication approach

Communication in terms of the images and direct exhibitions is the style used in Ventura future projects. The designs available are showcased to the customers directly in the Loft building and the FutureDome. The Loft building is mainly used for galleries while the FutureDome is used for the exhibitions of the real designs in the market. Direct exhibition in terms of the imaging tools and design showcase helps to enhance effective communication between the clients and the brands (Hellmanzik 2016, pp.427).

One company participating in Ventura Future project

Lys furniture is an example of a company that participates in Ventura Future project. The company gets an opportunity to showcase their furniture products in Loft and FuturDome. Marketing is enhanced for the companies participating in the project. The company produces Italian furniture design that is unique and attractive to the consumers. The value of the company has improved after participating in Ventura future projects. The 2018 Ventura future project boosted the awareness of the product of the company by a high rate. There is high competition in the furniture products hence the need to develop better strategies for marketing (Swanick, Rankin, and Reinhart 2015, pp.16). The popularity of Ventura projects helps in exhibiting the products for the company. The potential buyers need to view the furniture and sometimes touch before purchasing. The Loft building and the FuturDome has played a critical role in the showcasing of the furniture design for the Lys Company.

The company has improved its brand positioning in the market due to effective marketing strategy. The furniture design is made known in the minds of the customer through showcasing in the Loft building and the FuturDome. Communication is important when developing a strategy for improving the brand position of a company. Communication implies the clarification of the products to the customers at the right time and place. The exhibition in the FuturDome and Loft provides a space where the products information can be clarified to the potential buyers. The marketers for the company are available during the exhibitions to provide clarifications to the potential buyers (Hellmanzik 2016, pp.421). The sales have improved in the company after the exhibitions in Ventura future projects. Effective marketing is one of the strategies for improving the brand image and position in the market.

Lys furniture benefits from the innovation of the competitor companies in the same project during the exhibition. There is an exchange of ideas and hence the company is able to benchmark with the best performing brands in the industry (Swanick, Rankin, and Reinhart 2015, pp.21). Ventura future exhibition encourages the innovation and critical thinking about the future of design. The ideas from the innovators and researcher help to boost the brand value of the company by a higher margin. The current brand position of the company is expected to improve after the showcasing of the furniture designs. Image communication tools are important aspects for companies to consider when striving to improve brand positioning. Ventura future gives room for exercising direct communications to the potential buyers using the image tools.

Compare your case with Ventura Future format analyzing both convergences into discrepancies

Ventura Future and Lys furniture believe in creativity and innovation in their designs. Creativity is the key to future design as the world is changing in terms of the technological improvements on the various aspects. Ventura Future projects incorporate technology in the exhibition both in the Loft and the FuturDome. The FuturDome is a museum where the current and future designs are placed for exhibitions. Technology is not emphasized in Lys Furniture (Boks, Lilley, and Pettersen 2017, pp.680). Both the companies believe in marketing through images and exhibition. The companies recognize the importance of direct communication in marketing. Exhibition has helped to boost the brand value of Ventura Future and Lys Furniture.


The future of design depends on the creativity involved to minimize the inefficiencies. Improvements in the existing designs increase the efficiency in the production. Ventura future focuses on innovation as the driving force to improve design. Technological incorporation in designs helps to improve the future of design. Companies should focus on exhibitions and showcase strategy to boost their marketing. Companies that have participated in Ventura projects have an advantage in terms of marketing.


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