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The prevalence of moral blindness

The article's key argument is to emphasize the prevalence of moral blindness among individuals, as well as the different factors that influence moral blindness. This theme runs throughout the essay as the author attempts to explore the social and emotional factors that contribute to the expression of unethical behavior in humans. According to the paper, the target audience is psychologists who are interested in exploring the fundamental ideas behind the workings of the unconscious mind.

Defining moral blindness and its influencing factors

De Klerk (2016) presents very straightforward and succinct reasoning surrounding the article's key topic. The author clearly articulates the relationship between moral blindness with other factors that affect mortality. These factors include the include emotions and unconsciousness. The author begins by making various definitions about the various terms and highlights the various ways each of the aforementioned terms influence the moral blindness. The psychoanalytic perspectives on moral blindness highlight the manner with which various unconscious activities have an effect on the conscious actions of an individual. The psychoanalytical perspective also showed that emotions also played a part in the actions of an individual and sometimes people who have good moral standing might end up committing immoral activities due to emotional influences. Some of the emotions that influenced the preponderance of blindness include anxiety, guilt or shame.

Agreement with the findings

I do agree with the findings that De Klerk (2016) arrived at. The human body tends to undertake various cognitive functions that are influenced by the divergent emotions that are captured by the neurological aspects of the body. The interpretation of these emotions might cause an individual an otherwise moral individual to commit immoral activities. Nonetheless, people need to condition their minds and bodies not to react blindly to the divergent emotions that one experiences in order to avoid moral blindness.


De Klerk, J. (2016). Nobody is as Blind as Those Who Cannot Bear to See: Psychoanalytic

Perspectives on the Management of Emotions and Moral Blindness. Journal of Business Ethics, 141(4), 745-761.

December 08, 2022



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