Annotated bibliography on Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Teresa

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The extent of the visual impact that Bernini made through the sculptor is discussed by art historian Lavin. The historian leans more toward refuting the various allegations that St. Teresa was depicted as a prostitute. Regarding the spiritual way of life of the Catholic society in the 17th century, he offers a different perspective. The author offers a perceptive analysis of the artist's interior motivation. In reality, Bernini's mission and St. Teresa's ecstasy are creatively and philosophically reconciled in this work. The vision of St. Teresa is pointed as spiritual but expressed in a physical form. The author is in support of the overall application of various elements of art to explain the theme of the sculptor. Besides, Bernini's religious position is emphasized in the work. The author has authoritative knowledge of the subject matter and proves to be reliable in terms of the information so far offered. The text is scholarly and has relevant supportive facts on the history and interpretation of Bernini's work.

Petersson,Robert T.The art of ectasy;Bernini,and Crashaw,New York,Atheneum,1970

The sculptor is an epitome of fine art. The author attempts to reconcile Bernini's artistic style with the spiritual connotation that is illuminated all over the sculptor. According to the author, Bernini stands out as an artist of his own kind that defined the era of Baroque art. The ecstasy of St. Teresa is well presented with the presence of an angel to emphasize the spiritual nourishment. The author therefore discusses the work in respect of the underlying power of art to transform the society. The position of Bernini according to the author is to express the intensity of internal joy upon interaction with God. The sculptor popularized Bernini but mostly importantly portrayed catholic as a community of love and beauty. The author borrows from other scholarly literature to substantiate the facts surrounding history of Bernini and Cornaro Chapel. The author describes the sculptor vividly in a way that simplifies its interpretation close to the purpose for which Bernini created it. This is a reliable and authoritative resource for further study on the topic.

Avery,Charles. Bernini: the sculptor of the Roman Baroque.London,Phaidon press.1997.

The sculptor evidently portrays unique ideas that transcend Catholic culture and the experience of Saints. The author provides in-depth explanation into the underlying facts surrounding the ingenuity of Bernini. Although many people are torn between interpretation of the sculptor as either secular or religious, the author is emphatic on the spiritual aspect of objects. The author describes the sculptor vividly in an effort to illuminate the inexplicable imagined experience of St. Teresa. In fact, Avery is interested in exploring Bernini's intention in as far as the choice of the Cornaro Chapel is concerned. Centrality of Catholicism in Europe is an important focal point of the author's discussion Critical description of the sculptor unravels the religious symbolism that characterizes the sculptor. In essence, Avery provides evidence-based explanation through relevant literature review of other scholars. The approach of the author is focused on explaining the history of Catholic, emergence of reformists and chronology of doctrinal development. Besides, the author points out at the era of Baroque art as a reflection of creativity that Bernini possessed. The work is informative and well-researched to provide reliable learning material.

Michael J.Call, "Boxing Teresa:The counter-Reformation and Bernini's Cornaro Chapel" Woman's Art Journal,Vol.18,No.1 (Spring-Summer,1997),pp.34-39

History of Catholic and its underlying spiritual aspects has elicited mixed debate among several historians. Michael provides an insight into the underlying philosophical explanation that relates catholic art with religion. The life of Benine, his contribution in Baroque art is conspicuous. Besides, the author display prowess in the knowledge of Catholic religious system and chronology of events leading up to reformist movement. The author emphasizes the life of Bernini as reflected in the sculptor. The confusion between physical orgasm and spiritual ecstasy is clearly addressed in the book. While the work is emphatic on the spiritual feelings of St Teresa, the aesthetic value of this set piece of art cannot be hidden. In fact, the author's exposition on the cultural intersection with Catholicism is an important concept in this work. The work explores the existing relationship between Bernini's Cornaro chapel and the counter-reformation ideology. It qualifies as a useful, reliable, and valid academic resource.

Warma,Susanne."Ecstasy and vision:two concepts connected with Bernini's Teresa." Art Bulletin,September 1984,Vol.66,p508-511,

Ecstasy is a symbol of extreme excitement. The article revisits the 17th century art through the lense of Bernini's work. Interplay between ecstasy and vision is overwhelmingly discussed. The author provides a systematic explanation pertaining to the connection between ecstasy and vision as reflected in the St. Teresa's sculptor. The presence of an angel is a confirmation of a spiritual vision that has since been associated with the experience of St. Teresa. The use of art as a tool to advance spiritual issues is the message of the author. She draws her case studies from the wide scholarly literature on St. Teresa and other Catholic figures of 17th century. The author has engaged in in-depth analysis of Bernini and the St. Teresa to give more light on the role of art in religious reformation.

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