Archaeological discoveries

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Archaeological Finds and Human Origins

Archaeological finds have long been used by scientists to explain human origins and their activities. The Stone Age describes the earliest evolution of humans and how they originated from different parts of the world. As a result, some scholars base their findings on human development on the timing of the formation of ancient cities and the formation of the first governments, rather than delving deeper into the archaeological period in their research. As time goes by, years and generations of people pass by, some may feel that archaeological discoveries are irrelevant, necessary for archaeological research studies to facilitate the understanding of the origin of human and the modern development in various aspect of human activities.<\/p>

The Medieval Ages and Human Activities

The medieval ages are some of the periods that define the origin of human activities in Western Europe (Brennan 34). The discoveries made in this time period have been mostly used by the archaeologists to establish the origin of some modern cultures in the European nations. With the advancement in the social and cultural activities of man, little proofs can be obtained from these time periods, therefore they often become irrelevant in relation to the modern cultural and political state of different societies. The periods proceeding the earliest archaeological times can, therefore, be used to explain the cultural and political development of humans. The development of Mesopotamian cities and agriculture can be used to explain the human development since the activities that originate from these time periods can be used to define the stages of economic development in the modern times. For instances, the transition from agrarian revolution to industrialization can be attributed to the agricultural activities in Mesopotamia. In the modern times, there are cities that trace their origins from the ancient cities that existed before. These cities gave facilitated the development of the modern towns as they provided the foundation for various activities, both economic and social activities that define the modern development of social and cultural progress. Modern architectural borrows a lot of ideas from the ancient cities like Tikal. The development of Egyptian cities can be attributed to the agricultural activities that took place in Mesopotamia in the agrarian periods.<\/p>

The Influence of Ancient Cities

The 'first' of Mesopotamian cities like drawing, arithmetic, writing and the earliest formation of the first governments directly defines the modern societies. The above discoveries also define the beginning of knowledge and the academic activities that are still relevant in the world today (Asadollah et al. 27). Although research on the earliest archaeological activities is important to the scientists, some of them are becoming irrelevant in the modern society, the evolution of man during the stone age, for instance, has been disapproved by the modern scientists as there is no clear evidence that exists today. Consequently, the influence of the existence of earliest cities is still felt in the modern times. The Great Zimbabwe in influenced the development of trade activities that led to the development of the modern cities in Zimbabwe. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on the ancient cities rather than the earlier archaeological activities that could not define the course of the modern economic, social, and political progress. Archaeologists or scientist should, therefore, focus on the activities in the earlier societies in order to provide the relevant correlation between the modern and ancient human activities.<\/p>

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April 19, 2023


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