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The Prodigal Son: A Biblical Story

The above is a Biblical story found in the book of Luke 15: 11-32. It is based on the story of a boy who becomes bored of living the same life with his family members over and over again. It is for this reason that he went to his father to ask for a share of his inheritance, and after receiving it, he set out for a faraway land. He spent it all, had no place to stay and decided to sleep in a pig sty. He later returned home, where he was greeted warmly by his father (MacArthur, 2010). The setting of the story is of a traditional era. The issue of parents giving inheritance to their children was a practice that was known to be an issue that was quite important before the twenty first century. Also, there is mention of the pastoralist way of life in which the people reared domestic animals in their homesteads. It helps bring the setting of the story to a particular time before revolution and industrialization took place. Since the Bible is a book used in the administration of moral teachings, the characterization is tailored to suit the moral that is meant to be conveyed by the story (MacArthur, 2010). The son was determined to get away and live a life of his own which makes him a determined character. On the other hand, the person selected to play the role of the father, is perceived to be an individual of unconditional love and fast at forgiving. This is because love and forgiveness are the reasons he forgave his son and took him back jovially.

The Mood and Conclusion of the Story

The mood of the story varies with the art of the narration. In the beginning, the father is unhappy that his beloved son is leaving and the part where the child is suffering as basic needs brings in a sombre mood. Conclusively, the story has a happy ending save for the son who envies the prodigal one (MacArthur, 2010). Almost everyone celebrates with the father that his son is back and he is happy. The mood in this story is specifically tailored to ensure that the intended message and lesson gets home.


MacArthur, J. (2010). The prodigal son: An astonishing study of the parable Jesus told to unveil God's grace for you / John MacArthur. Nashville, Tenn: Thomas Nelson.

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