Biometrics, Real-Time Analytics and Sensors in Aviation Industry

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Given the fragility of airlines, their security is essential as mistakes lead to fatalities. With increased security concerns and issues, technological enhancement and upgrade are necessary for security solutions. Biometrics, tracking technology and sensor are growing trend baggage and check in challenges (Yu, 2012).  Smart technology advancements are leading to innovations, tracking technology and sensors. Radio frequency identification technology used in minimizing the mishandling of passenger luggage on airports.

            For improved security, the use of eye tracking, sensor technology is imperative for the aviation industry and could enhance the customers’ experience in the coming years. In minimizing downtime, the aviation industries will use advanced analytics. Real-time analytics improves customer service. Customers can make transactions using cards and other payments services. With the use of advanced analytics, aviation industries can link passenger data with this transaction hence enhancing security. Use of updated technologies in ordering products and airplane parts. In the general management, biometrics and sensors will be used to make work easier. Inflight sensors foster airplanes structure health monitoring and therefore enhancing safer flights for its passers.  The biometrics will replace the boarding passes and passports as there will be the use of more advanced technologies that will require passenger data collected. For example through facial recognition.

            Airline maintenance often takes long; real-time analytics will significantly improve airlines maintenance by overseeing unexpected issues before they happen. The outcome of technological enhancement will be a minimal delay due to issues related to airplane parts failure, better strategies for maintenance devised, and repair solutions that are more efficient that is, the airline can point out exactly where the problem lies and solve it.  



Yu, G. (Ed.). (2012). Operations research in the airline industry (Vol. 9). Springer Science & Business Media.

September 18, 2023
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