Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Media Switching and Media Ideologies

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Summary: in this article, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Media Switching and Media Ideologies,” Ilana Garson first describes how the kind of the media used to announce the cut up withinside the relationships determines whether or not the damage will surely happen. He says that the ones human beings he had interviewed stated that the use of only a unmarried kind of medium to relay the breakup utterances isn't sufficient because of vagueness this is commonly contained in such statements and as a end result does now no longer always lead to interrupt ups (Ilana, 390). He says that maximum the human beings he interviewed admitted that it took a sequence of media to bring about the closing cut up instead of only a unmarried or just a single type of medium to relay the breakup utterances is not enough due to vagueness that is usually contained in such statements and as a result does not necessarily lead to break ups (Ilana, 390). He says that most the people he interviewed admitted that it took a series of media to result in the ultimate break up rather than just a single statement from a single type of medium. So switching between different types of media is considered effective in leading to permanent break ups. Secondly, he talks about face-to-face communication which he says that it is also considered as a type of medium when it comes to conveying break up utterances (Ilana, 393). Most of the people interviewed pointed this method of communication better in comparison to technological ones since it is possible to extract a lot of information than other types. Lastly, he discusses how most of his interviewees prefer traditional type of medium as far is relationships and dating are concerned. According to them the traditional means of relaying news about imminent break ups were hindered by a wide range of technological affordances and media practices (Ilana, 400).

Connection: Sometimes last year we had a quarrel with my spouse to the point that she wanted us to break up. She started sending me texts through a different platform such Facebook, Whatsapp, email and even through the mobile phone SMS. This never seemed serious to me until when we met. I knew she meant after observing her facial expression and body language.

Confusion: in this text, the author seems to undermine the power of co-presence because he says it is a matter under investigation. This a bit confusing because I think this is the most effective way of announcing relation break ups.

Barrett’s pdf

Summary: The article “Language Ideology and Racial Inequality: Competing Functions of Spanish in an Anglo-Owned Mexican Restaurant,” by Rusty Barrett explores the language ideology play key role in the relationship between the individuals speaking pure Spanish and English-speaking Anglo who are working in one of a restaurant in Texas (Rusty, 164) . The authors declare that Anglo managers usually use English with elements mock Spanish while giving instructions to the Spanish-speaking workers in this restaurant. Secondly, Barrett goes ahead and say that miscomputation between the Anglo managers and the Spanish speakers due to limited use of Spanish language almost always result in detrimental incidents which the Spanish speakers are held accountable (Rusty, 170). Thirdly, the author explains how the Spanish play a crucial role in promoting solidarity and resistance if need be among the Spanish Latino people in this institution. According to the author, it is clear that competing functions Spanish language serves as driving forces towards the inequality and segregation seen in this restaurant. It is apparent here that Latino people are being discriminated against since managers do not care whether they will get directives right or not.

Connection: miscommunications in business have sometimes led to greater losses. This in some instances has resulted from individuals undermining other people races, languages and cultures. For instance, most companies in the United States are missing a business opportunity in Brazil because they do not know how to speak Portuguese.

Confusion: From this reading, there is a part discussing how incidents occur due to miscommunication. This is ridiculous because the restaurant can employ at some few managers who can speak both languages and therefore help alleviate these problems. Simple miscomputation may lead to a drastic occurrence that might leave this restaurant on its knees.

Bucholtz’s pdf

Summary: The Mary Bucholtz’s article “The Whiteness of Nerds: Superstandard English and Racial Markedness,” she discusses two contrasting groups which inhabited Bay City High. These groups are nerds and whites where she says that despite nerds occupying the highest position in the racial position that is being whitest between the two groups they never represented typical whiteness (Mary, 87). Similarly, it is very hard to clearly tell the how the nerds are related to white dominance. She explains that undertaking nerd’s activities is disadvantageous to whites because such practices were never available to the teenagers of colors and consequences of their application more severe. The application of super-standard English is hence the rejection of cool white local custom as well as an investment in wider cultural and institutional norm. Author, she says that the linguistics and other societal activities used by the nerds to mark other white students were also used by the white and black students to racially mark nerds with respect (Mary, 100). She concludes that despite super whiteness of nerds undermining the racial projects whiteness as unmarked construct and normative it can also shore up racial ideologies of divisions and differences.

Connection: one of the recent issues that has caused different opinions across the globe is how celebrity women are dressing. A good example is Nicki Minaj notorious Anaconda album cover which caused an explosion in twitter where most people described Minaj as slutty, hyper-sexualized, ratchet and a bad role model. In other words, Nicki is seen as nerd particularly in the United States.

Confusion: describing some individuals as nerd simply because they have overachieved is in a way confusing. Sometimes some activities will segregate somebody from others automatically. Not because they want to be away from other people, but situations are forcing them.

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April 19, 2023

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