Buffalo Creek Disaster - Impressions of the book

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Professional advice was not readily available before and during the dam building.

Due to outdated building methods, the Middle Fork dam, which was third in line, had a weak base. (Nugent, 36).

A settlement reached outside of court brought the matter to a conclusion.

The Buffalo Creek Disaster could have been avoided, despite being a risky one.

The fiasco's occurrence led to the establishment of strict regulations that governed the creation of such buildings. (Stern 23).

The inquiry and development that West Virginia tolerated worsened the catastrophe. The administration of Pittston Company neglected the group's security and the occupants that had their homes built close to the coal refuse


Failure to stick to building rules especially amid the development of the third dam was a grave misstep that added to the disaster.

The disaster can't be considered as an Act of God. However, it had the impact of the human hand.

The Buffalo Creek Disaster has demonstrated the ways that compensation of a magnitude happens especially when the entire group is included.

My reaction to the outcome

My response to the case's result is that it is was fair and advocated. First, Buffalo Creek inhabitants were thrilled with the pay as they had expected a substantially littler sum. They were given thirteen million five hundred dollars. The fairness of the result of the case was in charge of the equity that the casualties got. Furthermore, the casualties of comparative catastrophes have been engaged by the result of the case as they harbor the capability of documenting claims and winning against such organizations that dismiss the wellbeing of the occupants around their premises.

Personal assessment of;

Gerald M. Stern- He displayed a good ethical conduct as their attorney. This was demonstrated by providing medical experts to the survivors for the assurance of the measure of pay they required by gauging the level of injuries they had suffered. Although lawyer Stern had been given the full authority by the casualties to go into restricting compensatory contracts amid the lawful procedures, he did not enter into any agreement without first consulting with the casualties.

K.K Hall- K.K. Lobby (Judge) likewise displayed a moderately high moral conduct when ruling the case. It was clear through the reasonable hearing that he provided for the case. K.K Hall made proper decisions great to the survivors. Likewise, in spite of Pittston Company employing huge impact on this case, the decisions of Hall were not influenced. Actually, since K.K Hall had needed the survivors to be subjected to full equity, he made it workable for the lawyer to settle on choices in view of whether he needed the organization to experience an open trial or not (Stern 78).

Buffalo Creek Management and Pittson- Buffalo Creek's administration and Pittston showed a high unethical conduct. Pittston Company acted unscrupulously by denying to be the cause of the calamity (Nugent, 54). In fact, it had implied that the fiasco originated from an Act of God. This reference was dishonest since the catastrophe had been because of the organization's inability to carryout remodels in the dam and specifically to its drainage system. From this, it is obvious that Pittston had little respect for human life yet had an essential worry in the security of its open picture by denying obligation regarding the disaster.

Impact of the case on my view of the legal system

The Buffalo Creek Disaster has changed my perspective of the legal system by reaffirming my convictions on its proficiency. The reaffirmation has experienced the effective claims logged against Pittston and the administration of Buffalo Creek by them being made to pay for their carelessness.

Advice to the attorney if a similar incident occurs

If the Buffalo Creek Disaster would occur again, I would advise Attorney Gerald Stern or someone in his position to push for a higher compensation and stricter penalties from Pittston Company and the management of Buffalo Creek. It is because the disaster had caused great misery, damage to property and loss of human life. I will also advise that the company be subjected to a public trial because of the negligent behaviors.

Works cited

Nugent, Tom. Death at Buffalo Creek: The 1972 West Virginia Flood Disaster. New York:

Norton, 1973. Print.

Stern, Gerald M. The Buffalo Creek Disaster. New York: Random House, 1976.

July 15, 2023

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