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The King Burger: A Healthy and Convenient Burger Choice

The King Burger is a tiny business that manufactures and sells nutritious burgers. We offer our burgers to McDonald's restaurants and intend to introduce our healthy burger options to the Korean market. The King Burger, a lifestyle and health-conscious burger, will be the principal product sold to the South Korean market. We carefully selected the ingredients, replacing the buns with Portobello mushrooms, the fries with tiny corn and carrots, and using ethically grown veggies and beef. Our King Burger has a superb taste that will stimulate the taste senses and will appeal to Korea's health-conscious consumers. The Korean market is complicated because the culture of consuming burgers is not as popular as in the U.S. statistics show that most of the Korean households are a single person and by the end of the year 2015, these single person households represented 27% of total households. Due to this fact, most of the fast food stores in Korea have resorted to lunch boxes which one can take and consume at home given the long working hours of most the Korean citizens. Also, the Korean consumer is extremely price conscious, and they operate on a limited budget, and this trend is set to continue because the economy is expected to continue performing poorly. Also, unlike the U.S where consumers eat burgers whole, the Korean consumers prefer to eat using knife and fork and therefore, the burger is usually divided into two.

The Health Conscious Choice

The King Burger is a healthy choice of fast food, and its natural ingredients such as organic vegetables and Portobello mushrooms make it different from other burgers which still use fries and cheese. Most of the Korean consumers are health conscious, and King Burger contains all the natural ingredients that they look for. Our burger is also affordable to the low-income earners because Koreans are price sensitive. Therefore, our burger offers a cheap and healthy product which will appeal to all Koreans. Given the prevalence of single households in Korea, we will provide the option of packaging the burger cut in half so that the consumers can view it as a lunch box product, and this goes a step in making our burger more appealing.

Gaining Market Share in Korea

As a company, our strategic role is to increase the market share of our product in Korea and the King Burger is a perfect product to help us achieve that. Gaining market share means that the Korean consumers are aware of our product and more importantly, is increasing the consumption of our healthy burger. The product is aligned to all the needs of the Korean market, and it is our expectation that consumers will find it healthier and more affordable.

The Healthiest and Most Convenient Option

We want the burger to occupy the position as the healthiest and convenient burger choice at the lowest cost. Healthy means that the consumer can trust that the ingredients are organic, meaning that burger's calorie content is at a minimum and it is safe for human consumption. Convenience will be gotten from the fact that the consumer can purchase it as a lunch box and cut in half enabling them to take it home. Finally, the burger is affordable meaning that the Korean consumer can buy it even when operating on a limited budget.

May 02, 2023

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