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Businesses who are able to embark on a detailed action strategy for sustainable success will benefit from business planning strategies. The plan I chose to focus on is how to create a plan to eliminate workplace sexual discrimination. This will address how employees are prepared to promote company growth.

Examine the Legalities of Training Quality organizations have a training community. It is important to have training champions in senior management in order to effectively execute training. As a result, before establishing the necessary culture, it is critical to consider the advantages of teaching. Knowledge of training culture helps an individual to make informed decisions and choices to support staffs who manage the training.

In developing the plan, there is requirement to check the legal obligations. As the employer, one should be legally obliged to make sure that the staffs are trained to do their work safely and in manner that is free from sexual harassment. Records of complete training must be kept. Specific training can also be provided to the staffs, and it should include the following:

It is unlawful to harass an employee simply because of the person’s sex. Sexual harassment can be categorized into requests on sexual favors, sexual advances or physical harassments that are sexual in nature. This can as well include the offensive remarks about that person’s sex.

The law on sexual harassment doesn’t prohibit offhand comments, simple teasing and incidents that are not serious. These kinds of acts are stated to be illegal when they assume severe forms or become frequent enough to create an offensive or a hostile work environment or when it can result to adverse employment decision such as demotion.

Determine whether the Plan should Offend any of the Protected Classes

A protected class is a group of persons sharing a common characteristic and protected from harassment and discrimination on the basis of shared characteristic. In this case, the protected class mostly falls in the category of women and junior workers in the organization who might be harassed by their seniors.

The plan is not likely to offend any of the protected classes because the development plan covers wellbeing and any form of sexual harassment to the employees within the organization. This plan is meant to safeguard the sexual life of the employees for maximum production. Workplace harassments are prohibited under any circumstances. Employees are therefore expected to behave in a respectful manner towards other workers. The prohibitions include overt acts and those that build a negative working environment. An employee subjected to such acts or harassment may report a complaint to the organization.

Evaluate whether you will Use the Plan as the Sole Weighting for Promoting and Determining the Eligibility of Employees for Opportunities to Move forward at Work

Sexual harassment law identifies 2 categories of sexual harassment that include quid pro quo harassment and harassment that creates offensive work environment (Van & Zaller, 2013). Quid pro quo harassment is easily recognizable. Simply as stated by the law, the victim’s employment is conditional when identified to be putting up with sexual harassment, relationships or advances.

The other type of harassment that creates a hostile environment is more difficult to identify because its nature humiliates, intrudes or offends upon victim’s employment in a way that makes it difficult for the employee to perform in their job. In such cases, employers can distribute information document on sexual harassment.

Before declaring if the conduct of an employee has created offensive or hostile work environment, it is important to look at the totality of the surrounding circumstances. This entails analyzing the nature of unwelcoming sexual acts, its frequency and situations of the occurrence. All these are important considerations for the eligibility of promotion and employment to enhance growth of the business (Van & Zaller, 2013).

Conduct a Cultural Assessment of Your Terminology

Sexual harassment is coercion or bullying that is sexual in nature or rewards in exchange for sexual advances/favors. Quid pro quo is a type of harassment that occurs in an employment setting when a manager or top authority offers to give an employee something like promotion in return for satisfaction of his/her sexual demands. Harassment that creates hostile work environment is that which is sexual in nature and distresses, humiliates or intrudes the employee.

Consider the Various Aspects of EEOC

The other aspects of discrimination that are prohibited by the laws enforced by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission include the following: age, national origin, sex, religion, color/race, pregnancy, disability and equal pay/compensation. The laws of EEOC prohibit discrimination based on every aspect of employment such as job advertisements, job referrals, recruitment, promotion and payments.


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harassment” Calrest. Retrieved on 27 June, 2017 from employers-guide-to-dealing-with-sexual-harassment.html

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