Fertility and family planning

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The Political Economy and Fertility Rate

The political economy governs the fertility rate of the population and the practice of family planning in society. Anthropologists' concerns about fertility and family planning allow them to understand population changes and processes achieved through anthropological demography. Political economy influences the timing of births and increases the likelihood of family planning. Parents whose occupations are restricted due to reproduction are more likely to use family planning methods.

Anthropologists' View of Fertility

Anthropologists' view of fertility focuses primarily on the role and place of parents in the population. These roles and locations can be determined within or outside of marriage. The political economy of fertility also considers parental responsibilities within a community. For example, research on male fertility in Botswana as well as the place and responsibilities of fatherhood that those males have in the society. He discovered that male fertility was very vital in reproduction of the target population thus their value in the society could not be underestimated. He argued that men’s fertility is linked across generations and siblinghood thus their parental role includes fathering non-biological children in the area of study. Townsend further compared population between urban and rural areas and his finding suggests that high fertility in urban areas is discouraged for example because of increased rates of single parenthood and occupational limitations.

Impact of Political Economy on Family Planning

Some countries with a well-up political economy have managed a reasonably small population with little use of family planning method such as Europe thus discouraging much use of the planning methods. Poor political economy negatively affects a country’s stability in providing family planning methods to its people. For example, Haiti, a poor country with a population of around 8.5 million, has a very poor reproduction health provision thus most women cannot access services at planning clinics. Haiti has few trained medical personnel hence hardly educating a reasonable number of women on family control methods.

Mergers and Acquisition Frenzy

Mergers and acquisition can be caused mainly by improved capabilities resulting from extended researches and evolving chances in the manufacturing industries. For instance in combination of companies to lessen the manufacturing industry costs. The need of companies to acquire improved distribution and marketing linkages also leads to merge and acquisition. The urge for companies to with similar products to cut the product’s cost has raised chances of merge and acquisition. In conclusion, the need of cost reduction and company improvement has been the leading cause of merge and acquisition frenzy. This helps us to understand that the core purpose of merge and acquisition is to minimize industrial cost rather than using a lot. Mergers and acquisitions frenzy are similarly common to all kinds of industries because, they can occur in any. That is, in either manufacturing, or distribution, or marketing industries.

Business Ownership and Control Methods

The type of business ownership highly influences the methods and decisions that control that particular business. Decisions such as cost effectiveness, type of the products, target customers and industry, available market opportunities and leadership structure highly determine types of business ownership and its control methods. For instance, as an entrepreneur I would consider advantages of sole proprietorship over partnership in creating the business. Secondly, put in consideration the effectiveness of the stakeholders and customers’ needs thus forming the leading guidelines to control the business. A new business might demand a lot of cost before it stabilizes. I would also make a decision on the company to merge with for cost sharing.


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April 19, 2023
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