Carl and the General

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Being a business leader

Being a business leader entails dealing with a wide range of personalities at work. An effective leader should endeavor to comprehend and influence tough associates to accept and work with the team, regardless of how difficult they are. Finally, it is impossible to consistently agree with everyone at work. The situation at hand is a former military guy turned inspector with twenty years of experience who is nasty to his colleagues and juniors while undermining the team captain. He manages to do this by scorning company rules, neglecting his duty to fill reports and attempting to weaken the team's trust in the leader by name calling him behind his back. However, if the team leader removes all communication barriers, makes a connection, becomes a persuasive messenger and employs an abundance mentality, then his influence will grow while ebbing out Carl's authority.

Remove Communication Blockers

Communicating requires that a message is relayed to an intended party in a manner that the receiver of information adequately deciphers the intent of the correspondence. To do this one must remove all communication barriers between parties. It is apparent that the leader has not communicated his displeasure with the manner in which Carl treats his workmates. Moreover, none of the team members have expressed their anger as to the unprofessional conduct of the veteran. The general ought to invite Carl to his office and inform him in a blunt but courteous manner that his actions and mannerisms at the office are unprofessional and mean. The leader must do this in private to avoid making Carl defensive. The communication should be verbally delivered in a firm but respectful design.

Make a Connection

Carl has a military background, and he, therefore, submits to strength. He seems to have noticed that the leader is handling him politely and has taken this for weakness. Thus, Carl ought to show power and try to connect with his junior. One of the ways that this can be done is by the leader inviting Carl to a business lunch and listening to the older gentleman speak. During the meal, the boss needs to ask Carl why he opts to refer to him mockingly as the general while ridiculing him behind his back. He should inform the insubordinate that the the only way to climb the rungs of success is by valuing one's workmates something that Carl does not seem to understand. The conversation advice by the general should not be condescending but frank and honest. It is likely that the two gentlemen will connect and form a mutual respect for one another.

Become a Persuasive Messenger

Persuasion is an effective tool when attempting to exert influence. The leader needs to persuade Carl that he is the best man for the job and that if Carl were to fall in line by following the company's policies then he too would someday get promoted. Persuasion requires that one plays to another's desires (Kirschner 56). It is evident that Carl's greatest wish is to be in a position of power. The leader needs only to inform the insubordinate that if he follows the rules and is more sociable with his colleagues, he may rise through the ranks.

Abundance Mentality

Carl seems to thrive on a scarcity mentality that urges him to sniff out the joy from his comrades by bullying them. The leader ought to try and reverse the insubordinate's attitude by providing an alternative thought pattern for him (McClary 65). Admittedly, this is not an easy task to accomplish; however, it can be done. The first way to attain this objective is by making Carl appreciate the simple things he is taking for granted; for instance, the fact that he still has a job. Secondly, the leader should play to his vanity by asking him for advice on one or two things as he has served for twenty years as an inspector. Doing this will make Carl feel like a valued employee and team member, therefore, making him want to strengthen the unit not undermine it.

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June 12, 2023

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