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Gambling Through History

Gambling is a form of entertainment in which winning and losing depend mainly on luck and only a little on the skills of the players. People have always tried to earn big money in an honest way, but many were driven by one goal, to maximize profits in a very short time. The people came up with the idea of betting on gladiatorial battles in ancient Rome, in China created the first playing cards. The first casino, which included all kinds of raffles, appeared in Venice in the 17th century, it instantly gained popularity, because people experienced their main weakness, excitement.

History and Excitement of Casino

The first signs of gambling date back to 3500 BC in ancient China and Egypt, where the oldest dice were excavated and drawings on fireplaces depicting people throwing dragonflies. The date of the emergence of gambling in Europe is unknown, but playing cards first came to Venice between the 13th and 14th centuries. In the 17th century, Italy became famous for the first European gambling establishments, and the discovery of The Ridotto in Venice in 1638 marked the beginning of the development of land-based casinos throughout continental Europe (Cormack). Hence, gambling evidently has quite a long history spanning from ancient times. Initially, gambling was apparently used as other games, for excitement and emotional satisfaction.

The Evolution of Gambling

Modern roulette, which we play today, was invented by the French in the mid-19th century, and later in casinos in Germany and Monte Carlo, America. A variety of roulette with two zeros was quite popular, but the French version pushed it out of the European casino. Roulette with two zeros is well established in the United States and has survived to this day. Now Americans play both versions of roulette (Scwartz 37). The factor of chance and possibility of financial losses stimulate the excitement of gamblers even higher, thus, becoming a more advanced form of entertainment.

The Appeal of Casinos

Ordinary people from the street were not allowed in the casino, the beggars, the sick, or ordinary people. Only privileged people who had enough money and a high position in society were allowed to gamble. They were reluctant to let travelers who could tell about the opening of an entertainment house in all parts of the world, which, in turn, attracted wealthier tourists (Schwartz 42). Thus, the casino has always been successful with foreign customers in status, more solid.

The Globalization of Gambling

Also, in the same century, the news of the opening of the first casino, gave impetus to the development of the gambling industry around the world, which we know now: gambling houses began to open in France, Austria and England. Such progress could not be stopped, it began to attract people with luxurious lights and signs. Authorities tried to close these facilities, but too much income, some of which was paid to officials, killed closure activities (99). Despite their potential to cause gambling addiction and overall risky nature, casinos and gambling centers are some of the most profitable areas of the economy. This serves as the primary reason for many countries openly legalizing such ventures and making them as accessible as possible.

The Age of Online Gambling

The first online casino appeared on the World Wide Web in 1995, rapidly gaining momentum, and then huge online casinos. Millions of users hurried to the marvel of technical thought, no longer had to go to the most popular gambling houses. The excitement caught up with everyone who had a computer with Internet access. But because of this, land-based casinos have not lost their contingent, because they have free alcohol, every day there are various dazzling shows, where talented singers entice people with their songs (Cormack). Like other digital counterparts of various ventures, online and virtual casinos only manage to stimulate the interest of people.

The Thrill of the Casino Experience

The Internet has its own atmosphere, it is not bright and practical, but the casinos in it will not cease operation. This is convenient, especially for those who can not go to Las Vegas to admire the world of entertainment spotlights. Every day, billions of people become addicted to the gaming industry, roulette, blackjack, poker, slots, these are a small part of the games that are there (Schwartz 215). But this is not enough for people, because passion can add variety to everyday life and casinos still remain some of the most thrilling and exciting experiences for many.

In Conclusion

In gambling, bets are made on money, and in case of victory the player receives material wealth, and in case of defeat he suffers financial losses. Casinos are still very popular, they are visited daily by hundreds of thousands of romantics who want to get rich, many of them go out in the morning with empty pockets and bank accounts. This is their choice, and it is impossible to stop a number of losses, because only a few are lucky. If you want to try your luck, then do not take all the money with you to the casino, it may not be your day.

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May 12, 2022



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