Cause and Effects of Exercise

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Exercise and its Impact on Health

Exercise plays a crucial part both in the general physical wellbeing and in the immune system. It affects three parts of health that are emotional, social, and physical, and if one is not healthy in all of these fields, they are not absolutely well. Via exercise, one can enhance one's body function, have a relaxed mind, and meet new people who can encourage a healthy lifestyle. Education also gives a person the pleasure of doing something that helps them live a healthier life. Many who engage in exercise on a regular basis usually view it as a drug that calms them, promotes their self-esteem, and makes them healthier. Exercise is an activity that helps individuals to feel good in every facet of health definition.

Positive Results of Exercise

The human body can experience different results because of exercise, and many of the results are usually positive. It is crucial that when one begins working out, they should figure out what their body can handle so that they do not over do it in a bid to obtain positive results. There are different ways of working out one can choose to train at the gym, taking walks with the family or dog, and or one can exercise at home with the aid of a DVD program (McArdle 547). There are many reasons as to why exercise is important and the most significant ones include achieving positive results in terms of a healthier body, healthier heart, and a better state of mind. One cause of exercise can be obesity, and this usually happens when the energy intake which is typically in the form of food is more than the energy expenditure. Exercise helps to balance the amount of energy coming into the body and the amount of energy going out. The more intense the work out is, the more calories that will be burnt if one is unable to make the regular visits to the gym simply being active throughout the day like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a big difference. Consistency is key to losing weight even when the activity is not that intense. The most notable part that exercise improves is the physical aspect which ensures that every part and system of our body is always in a continuous movement. The constant movement of your body will also give you physical abilities to do things that before you were unable because now you have gotten into better shape. Exercise will enormously increase your speed, stamina, lung capacity, muscular mass, and elasticity (McArdle 553). It will also result in a healthier body meaning that one will experience fewer disease and injuries.

Impact on the Cardiovascular System

One of the most important parts that exercise has an impact on is the cardiovascular system. When you engage in exercise, the muscles move and to move they require oxygen in the blood. The rhythm of pumping blood by the heart has to be fast for the muscles to keep moving and this will in turn train the heart and lungs providing the individual with more strength for the future (McArdle 555). With the increase in blood flow, it will cause more oxygen to be carried out throughout the body. Better circulation of blood and oxygen can also lower the blood pressure of a person.

Mental Health Benefits

Mental health is also one aspect that I consider causes many people to exercise as it distracts and relaxes you while you are in it and it releases a lot of feelings as well as incommodities like stress (Otto 197). Many people believe that when they exercise the problems in their lives can be solved as they are usually calm and relaxed making it easier for them to think clearly. Another positive effect of exercising is having a better frame of mind making it very hard for you to become depressed or mood less unlike those who do not work out (Otto 199). A thirty-minute walk or a gym session can significantly help you to blow off some steam especially when your day has been stressful. Physical activity usually stimulates some brain chemicals that will leave you feeling relaxed and happier. Most of the people who exercise have a better perception of their self-image, and thus most of them are self-confident and have high self-esteem (Schneider 178). Exercise also promotes a positive social life as you can be able to meet different people whom you share the same interests and likes especially in the gym. Meeting people who you have the same interests and likes will result in the building of healthy relationships, and it will also make you more confident when interacting with other people (Schneider 180).


Exercise is an activity that positively affects mental, physical, and social health as well as the cardiovascular system. When it is done right, it will result in many positive impacts on the life of a person. One of the most significant results that are achieved through exercise is having a healthy and happy heart. One of the best gifts of working out is a healthy body which translates into a person having a good self-image. It reduces weight, tension, stress, and depression making a person to feel good about every aspect of the definition of health.

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October 13, 2022

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