Chaplin's Comedic Style

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Chaplin's Comedic Style

It is impossible to deny that Charlie Chaplin knows how to use satire, fun, and humor to significant effect. In reality, he has the uncanny ability to make people laugh even when they are not in the mood to laugh, as well as the unseemly ability to pique the interest of those who have lost hope in matters of romance. Surprisingly, he accomplishes all of this without saying anything. It is important to remember that this is not a skill that anyone can master. In comparison to others, Chaplin's excellent flowering of silent film comedy in the 1920s sets him apart (Sklar 107).

There is no justice of comparing Chaplin to other comic personalities like Sennett and Keaton whose styles cannot match to those of him, having perfected after the Keystone. Sennett and Keaton`s styles are somehow similar. Nevertheless, on the basis of the reading, Keystone was not the area for one to deviate from its formulas and develop their own styles (Sklar 107). But upon watching the Immigrant movie I realized other aspects of Chaplin and comedy at large.

Depicting Real-Life Situations

It is interesting to note how Chaplin brings to light the unfortunate situations of the real world. The immigrants struggling financially, tendering for the sick mother and traveling abroad in search of a better life are overwhelmed by situations. In the movie, the sick mother is robbed and Chaplin depicts how this immigrant mother and her daughter struggle without money while showing at the same time the story of the stolen money. Chaplin`s comical persona humor can be seen in the restaurant where he is able to escape an angry waiter while at the same instance meeting a young lady whom he falls in love with. Chaplin remains generous, irrespective of the situation as he is willing to help the needy. He can give his money or charmingly create love. Through this, he adds beauty to humor during difficult but real situations of life.

December 15, 2021

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