Chapter V of the book Communication in elderly care

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The Paper Synopsis

The paper is a synopsis of Chapter V of Peter Backhaus's book Communicating in Elder Care: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Trine Heinemann wrote the chapter titled From home institution: Roles, relations, and the loss of autonomy in the care of the elderly in Denmark. The portion to be summarized is titled "Eldercare in Denmark."

Statistics on Aging Population

The section includes statistics on the aging population in Denmark, suggesting that approximately 23% of the country's population (just over 5 million) is over 60 years old (Heinemann, 2011). The author further states that care for nearly all old people is funded by the public, hence free to the recipients, i.e. roughly 200,000 old individuals receive the care (Heinemann, 2011).

Entrance to Caretaking Institution

Old people enter the caretaking institution through the home help system. The principle that autonomous living is a promise to better quality life is the basis of the home help system. Old people are admitted to the institution once proven to be in danger to him/herself or other people; they have severe dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Interaction between Caregivers and Elderly

The author examines how the process of interaction between caregivers and early as well as late-stage old people who receive care differs, and thus proof that aging people go through a process of socialization when entering such institutions of care (Heinemann, 2011). There are three pertinent situations addressed. First is the initiation of the home help visit, where the author asserts that the opening of interaction is the first step, and care receivers negotiate or define their identities and personal relations. The second situation in which relations and roles in care institutions are reflected is in the way food and drinks are exchanged. Lastly, the author explains the various ways in which giving advice in such facilities is managed. In all these situations, the author attempts to show how the difference between early and late-stage home help is provided.


Heinemann, T. (2011). From Home to Institution: Roles, Relations, and the Loss of Autonomy in the Care of Old People in Denmark. In P. Backhaus (Ed), Communication in Elderly Care: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (pp. 90-110). Bloomsbury, London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

May 10, 2023

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