Characteristics of Tarasan

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Tarasan: A Country in the Mideni Continent

Tarasan is one of the countries found in the Mideni continent. It is located towards the south-west, bordering other coastal nations. The French colonized this country, and it obtained independence in the year 1985. It is among the countries that were colonized for extended periods and thus, benefited greatly from the colonial masters. The state has a total land area of 480,000 square miles. It has an irregular shape with much of its parts being covered by water. With a population of very 35 million, only 30% of it stays in the rural areas. This implies the highest levels of urban development. Besides, the poverty index is shallow with a GDP of over 200 billion USD in 2017. Also, the country's population comprised of women as the majority while the men are only 45%. Just like any other nation the state has ethnic groups. Three significant tribes comprise the majority of the population. The marginalized or minority groups only make up 3 % of the entire community. The major tribes are Aya, Eya, and Iya with a composition of 62%, 24%, and 11 % respectively.

Government and Politics in Tarasan

Having been colonized for an extended period, the country has an organized government system inherited from the French. It is a democratic country where decisions are made by equal representation from different parts of the country. The major ethnic groups have no impact on national politics in influencing decisions. The state elects its political leaders after every five years, and all the major ethnic groups have got a chance to produce a president. Since, independence, the country has had three presidents. They have a new constitution, promulgated in 2012 was a president rules for only two terms each with a period of four years. There are a national government and regional governments. At the local level, there are three counties divided based n geographical aspects as well as population. Each region has a governor and several senators who with the members of parliament makes laws at the national level. The government is made up of three arms who enjoy immunity and independence as given in the 2012 constitution. The executive is made up of the president and the cabinet members. The judiciary is headed by a significant justice, and the central role is the interpretation of the laws of the land. Members of parliament and the Senate comprise the legislature, and they make rules that govern the country.

Economy, Agriculture, and Infrastructure in Tarasan

Being a country located on the coastal line, the majority of the population practices agriculture and fishing. The resources produced in abundance include wheat, maize, and horticulture. Also, the climate is conducive for agriculture with an even distribution of rain throughout the year. The three major ethnic groups practice agriculture. However, the Iya people are known to be pastoralists. They also engage in a trade by exchanging their goods to obtain what they can't produce. The level of industrialization is rapidly increasing with the well-developed infrastructure and a coordinated road network left by the French. Also, the educational standards are very high with a record of less than 10 % illiteracy levels. With much of the population staying in urban centers, there is much assimilation and intermarriage. Being a French-speaking country, it is anticipated that the ethnic languages will be assimilated by 2040. The country expects its population to grow to over 40 million in the next census to be held in 2020.

November 24, 2023

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