Christian Creation and Big Bang theories

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Ever since, people have been in awe at how the earth got started. Christians and scientists have both attempted to provide the proper explanation for how the cosmos came into existence. While the majority of scientists use the Big bang hypothesis to explain the genesis of the earth, Christians continue to believe in creation hypotheses (Morris, Henry M, 17).

Christian Beliefs on Earth's Origin

Christians accept Genesis' account of how the earth came to be, which states that it was initially formless and shapeless before God moulded it and created the various regions of the planet by the spoken word. The earth was created from nothing from the first day of the week according to the belief of Christians. Humans were created on the sixth day in the image and likeness of God. Scientists on the other hand explain the earth without giving credit to God using the Big bang theory (Morris, Henry M, 20). Giving a clear explanation about the big bang theory is quite challenging to them sometimes because not all facts can be laid but they try. The theories of the mechanistic origin of the earth are normally created from time. They come and go. This paper compares and contrasts the big bang and the Christian theories about the origin of the Universe.

The Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory asserts that the earth was formed from a mass that was initially contained in something that looked like a cosmic egg. The 'egg' exploded to form the various forms of life, The explosion lead to separation of the sun, earth and the various forms of life that are present in the earth (Thomas, Brian. 30). The scientists currently try to calculate that most of the things that are currently in the universe originated from a mass that is less than a proton. Big bang theory explains that everything in the earth was initially composed in a presumably hot mass that eventually exploded (Morris, Henry M, 119). No theory, gives the exact origin of the cosmic egg, which is presumed to the origin of the earth. There is no explanation of existence cosmic hen. Some try to explain that it existed from another earth that collapsed within it. The concept of the cosmic earth however, is opposed by the explanations of the modern physics. To ensure that the origin of the universe is made clear to everyone, the theories that try to give the explanations concerning the origin of the earth do not have credible scientific explanation of their origins. According to the current day scientists, it is ironically to propose something that there is no clear explanation of the origin of its cause.

Comparing the Big Bang and Christian Theories

In some instance, the big bang theory and the Christian theories of the Universe can be argues to owe similar explanation of the origin of the earth. The Bible explains that the earth was formless and shapeless before everything in it was created (Morris, Henry M, 119). The big bang theory acknowledges that there was a primordial matter before everything formed from the matter. The big bang theory explained that the earth existed as a result of explosion. In the history of earth explosions, none of the explosions has occurred successfully to help in the construction of the earth. The regularly occurring tornados normally cause destructions in the modern day world. Physics also gives explanations that if explosions actually occurred, then everything on the universe would have moved away from then center.

In most explanations, the Bible and the Big bang theories are not in line in the explanations concerning the origin of the earth (Trefil, James S. 30). Astronomers do not check on the similarities between the Big bang theories as the Christian creation theories. The Big bang theory is said to have been formed with an aim of doing away with the genesis stories of creation (Steinhardt, Paul, 9). Since it was aimed at giving a different view of creation, it is actually different from the other stories of creation. Just from the beginning, the Big bang theory give a different view of the creation of the earth (Stratton, Jon, 175). The Christian theory of creation recognizes the universe as a big matter, while the Big bang theory recognizes the earth as a small substance that exploded to form the various segments of the earth. The creation theory was the first one to exist. The creation theory cannot be said to support the Big band theory. However, there is a possibility that the Big bang theory supports the creation theories. The Bible gives explanations of how each living organisms came into existences while the Big bang theory gives explanation about the eons of time where organisms came from (Alexander, Denis. 24). The Bible gives the chronology of the creation of various structures in the universes and mentions that the sun existed after the Universe. The Big bang theory on the other hand explains that the sun is separate from the universe and it existed before the formation of the universe.


In summary, the Big bang theory explanation about the existence of the universes cannot be defended scientifically. It can be argued that the theory was just kept in place to keep in the Christian creation stories in check. The exact origin of the earth is not scientifically proven but there are theories that try to explain its origin.

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April 13, 2023

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