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Many businesses find that diversity is essential to their growth

(Saxena, 2014, p.78). Global corporations have welcomed diversity in their recruiting practices, and they are reaping the gains. Diversity is essential in problem-solving; getting people with different cultures helps to overcome problems that arise within an organization and that would impede progress (Allen, Dawson, Wheatley and White, 2007, p.25). In addition to understanding the importance of workplace diversity, managers must also recognize the importance of talent management. It is important for an organization to determine the right time to hire, pick, and even fire workers. A company that gets it right in terms of talent planning is able to meet their objectives and vision within the stipulated time. This research paper evaluates the benefits that an organization obtains from embracing workplace diversity. The essay will also analyze the factors that affect talent planning approach within an organization.

Benefits of Workplace Diversity in an Organization

High Finances

Companies that embrace diversity are rich with ideas which translates to high financial returns. Whenever a company allows people from different backgrounds, culture and tradition work for them, they embrace harmony which can also be reflected in the work ethic. It is hence easy for people from diverse workplace to work together since every person is eager to know how they can benefit from the other party. Moreover, allowing opposite sex to work in a certain project together ensures that there is harmonization (Allen, et al., 28) of ideas and experiences which in the end make the work more successful. Financial success also results from the fact that such an organization is likely to have a pool of ideas which when implemented results to more finances for company. For instance, by hiring employees from different countries, company can understand the specific needs of each market and hence capitalize on that information (Saxena, 2014, p.80). Workplace diversity therefore improves the general performance of companies and puts it ahead of the competition in times of ideas and also finances

Global Audience

Companies that have embraced diversity understands the value it brings to their customers. The world has now become a global village and this calls for sharing of ideas and resources. It is hence imperative that a business that seeks to appeal to the global audience appreciate different people. Every human being is built with their own unique ability that they can utilize to improve the company they work for. Besides, the diverse workforce come in with new problem solving skills that prevents conflict at the workplace and hence reflects a positive image to the customers across the world (Allen, et al., 32). It is evident that companies that have adopted diversity strives to deliver the services which continues to place them at the top. In this case therefore, it is important for companies to be open minded and also seek for employees from various paces so that they can have a global effect.

Attract and Retain Workers

Companies that concentrate on hiring different people benefit from employee loyalty and commitment. Employees are likely to apply in accompanies that has zero history of discrimination and those that Appreciate diversity. Works that hence stay within a company for some time become perfect in their skills and this reflects on the products that are released in the market (Allen,et al.,25). Workers appreciate the employers that appreciate their efforts and talents without necessarily stereotyping them on their race or background. The employees may remain focused in meeting the needs of the market through the company which further makes it successful. In the long run, such a company ends up saving on the costs that would be incurred rehiring people and trying to fill up spaces for the workers that have left the company (Saxena, 2014, p.78). Greater productivity and commitment also results from the fact that the workers strive to attain synergy in communication which leads to harmony and cohesion. Such companies also save on costs that would be channeled to the law courts in terms of law suits emanating from discrimination and unfairness.

Factors that Affect Organizational Approach to Talent Planning


Having a vision sets the right foundation to a company. A company vision can detail the outcome that the employees envision within a certain period and the type of employees needed to meet the objectives (Leatherbarrow, Fletcher & Currie, 2010, p.29). For instance, if a company aims at offering specialized services to the public with a two year period, it may choose to focus on recruits that have an underground course in the services that they are offering


Finances play a major role when it comes to hiring and recruiting employees. A financially stable company is able to attract the best employees since every graduate ants to identify themselves with a performing company (Leatherbarrow, et al., p. 31). On the other hand, such a company can afford to advertise the vacancies in publications and online thus receiving the most qualified applicants. Having finances also enables the human resource to engage the best screening methods before choosing a preferred candidate.


Time is a major component of talent planning. A company that runs short of time but yet required an employee may skip some of the process entailed in talent planning. For instance, a company may suddenly lose a vital employee due to death or even resignation. If such an employee was a great pillar for the company, the company may choose to hire the most available employee and train them on the job.

Company's Culture

The culture that have been followed in a company over time may affect the process of talent planning. Some companies are not keen on the process of selecting, hiring and even firing the employees (Leatherbarrow, et al., p.26). Even if someone would propose different way of doing things, such a company may object the proposal and instead choose to follow the particular way of doing things. It is hence important for the human resource practitioners to study a company before imposing new regulations on them.


It is evident that workplace diversity is beneficial for a company. Such companies are able to hire and retain the best workers, appeal to a global audience and even be financially successful. The process of talent planning is dependent on factors that must be put into consideration for successful recruitment and work ethics. It important to ensure that the company has enough capital, right culture, time and even vision that propels them forward.


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December 28, 2022

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