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This communications organization is dedicated to upholding accredited universal principles and ideals for its members by high expectations. These recognized standards are those that are anticipated and maintained by the general public and professional organizations. The principles represent the idea of what is pleasing, important, and ethnically appropriate to the societies (Arnold, Beauchamp, & Bowie, 2013). These principles often evaluate the behavior of advertisers as well as the actions of others. In this light marketers should not only hold soaring proficient ethical norms but also the principled morals implied by their errands toward several stakeholders, this is because marketers not only offer services to the businesses but also acts as wardens of humanity to create, facilitate and execute the dealings that are part of the better economy.

The Scenario

Sparrow Pharmaceuticals manufactures popular drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure and Arthritis. The company's relationship with its patients is positive and was developed through a newsletter that's published and purposes in providing the newest medical outcomes regarding general medical health and the also the articles on individuals fitness. Investors who own a Soothing Waters company of Hot Tubs and Spas has acquired the Sparrow Company whereby the director in the department of marketing in Hot Tubs company aims at promoting the products by using the list of emails for Sparrow Company Patients.

The Way Out For Sparrow Pharmaceuticals Company

Considerations of Sparrow Company giving out its customer's mailing list to Soothing Hot Tubs and Spas for the direct-mail option will not be a good move. Doing so will be like freely giving out their significantly earned efforts that focused on creating long-term build relationships with their customers to another organization which happens to be the primary key to any organization. Giving in to Soothing Waters intentions may wipe out the built link, and still, these customers may not be comfortable with their information being disclosed (Robinson, 2016). Sparrow Pharmaceuticals will have failed in customer's satisfaction which is another vital key that organizations focus on, the failure will be due to some customers lacking interest in the Hot tubs thus would feel unhappy with the promotions directly to their mails (Arnold, Beauchamp, & Bowie, 2013). An option that Sparrow should use is to include the promotion and means of getting in touch with Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spas on the newsletter since only the interested customers will reach the marketed products, this move will ensure that all those involved are comfortable and the relationships existing will not be affected.

Using client details across several dissections of the Identical Company

Using client's details across different analyses of the same company is unethical. This is because Sparrow Pharmaceuticals and Soothing Waters Hot Tubs are two different auxiliaries that the company owns and the companies do not share a similar brand name. The declaration of the American Marketing Association's (AMA) requires marketers to hold ethical values including though not limited to respect and accountability (Robinson, 2016). Hence Sparrow should abide by these rules by being responsible for protecting customer's information, respecting their support as well as their trust.

Marketing Management Philosophy Subscribed

The promotion director of Hot Tubs adopts sales course as the marketing management idea. The director is very belligerent in his technique to increase the sales; this is shown by his eagerness to use any method in promoting the company's products without giving much concern about the market. The only aim of this promotion is for the Soothing Waters best interest of revenue increase (Shaw, Carrington, & Chatzidakis, 2016). The customers that subscribe to the newsletter suffers from high blood pressure and arthritis, accordingly even though Hot tubs may be of help with the customers that have arthritis, the same Hot tubs may pause a threat in increasing blood pressure thus not fit for the patients already with high blood pressure. Therefore in this market, not all customers are targeted but the Soothing marketing director does not consider this fact and still wants to promote the products in the platform, the most important aspect is for the director to understand the wants and needs of customers and then adopt the best marketing strategy.

Ethics of AMA on the Use of the client's details by manifold dissection of the Identical Company. The issue of using the client's circumstances by various analysis of the similar company has not been directly addressed in the American Marketing Association statements of Ethics. Even though, Sparrow company should use the available information on the AMA statement and make decisions on whether to allow the Soothing company to use the direct mail list for its customers in promoting its products (Robinson, 2016). In this scenario, the soothing company should not be allowed to develop their products using the direct mail list since there is no relationship of the two groups and some customers of the Sparrow Company may be troubled by this action. If the situation was different, for example having an existing relationship between the two companies then using the information would be feasible (Shaw, Carrington, & Chatzidakis, 2016). The knowledge of what is right and wrong should be applied in circumstances where the issues have not been addressed; furthermore choosing the right thing to do in the end is what is termed as Ethics.

How the AMA Statement of Ethics Relates to Sparrow Pharmaceuticals' Dilemma. American Marketing Association statements of Ethics relates to Sparrow Pharmaceuticals' dilemma in several ways including providing a strong framework for developing a code of ethics in companies. Details regarding developing, distributing, pricing as well as marketing research of a product should be included in the company's ethical guidelines (Shaw, Carrington, & Chatzidakis, 2016). A unique moral challenge is experienced in each area, and thus the code of ethics should consider all business aspects.


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October 25, 2022

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