Communication competence

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Communication Competency

Communication competency is defined as the capacity to use suitable and effective speaking patterns as well as the knowledge to adapt to and utilise different circumstances (Morreale, 2010).

Choosing a Topic

There are various speaking competencies that are considered standard on the mastery level presentation. The first and most crucial consideration is to choose a topic that is appropriate for the occasion and the audience. The crucial question should provide the audience with previously unknown knowledge while also engaging the audience. With such information, one will be able to go right to the point without having to explain the meeting's intentions. The speaker should also formulate an introduction that orients the audience and the competency of the speech. The introduction must have an excellent attention getter context that sets the thesis, the intention and the credibility that the speaker is willing to provide. In cases where the topic may sound confusing, what matters is how the speaker will introduce it to engage the audience You must also use an effective organizational pattern that is well organized and develops the speech with clear points. The points, in this case, are mutually direct and exclusive to the thesis. Moreover, there should be an effective transition and signpost that assist in the flow of speech.


There is a good reason why people are persuaded to practice before they do the real thing. A good speaker should seek opportunities of speaking towards others to gauge themselves (Durham, 2014). Then, they are supposed to make early preparations with the aim of practicing before the real date. When one does that, they usually have a smooth day during the day of speaking. Another advantage as to why it is important to practice is that in case the audience has questions; the speaker will always be flexible to answer back without being confused. Another important speaking competence is the ability to locate, synthesize and employ well compelled supporting materials. Before you advance your speech, the points should be well backed up by some credible materials as well as excellent sources that support the thesis. Also, the sources provided should have precise citations.


The speaker should also develop a conclusion that supports the thesis as well as providing a psychological closure. Here, he will end with a clear and memorable summary by refereeing back to the big picture or the thesis. Also, the speech should end up with an active call or clincher to action. Another speaking competence is by demonstrating careful choices of words that are exceptionally bright, vivid and imaginative. The language used should be free from bias, inappropriate usage, and grammatical errors. This is to ensure that the intended message is communicated to the relevant persons. Suitability in vocal expression is the ability to use para language and speech to engage the audience. A good public speaker should also have excellent use of vocal intensity, variation, and pacing that are characterized with a suitable message (Rodriques, 2010). The speaker also has a vocal expression that is enthusiastic and natural by avoiding fillers to ensure the smooth transition of passing the message.

Nonverbal Behavior

One should have Corresponding nonverbal because what they need to demonstrate is the nonverbal behavior that supports the verbal message. The speaker, in this case, should have gestures, postures, eye contact and facial expression that support their nature. They should also have a well-developed and displayed levels of confidence and poise. A successful speaker should have the ability to adapt the presentation to the audience. For instance, they should show how valuable the information is to the public and how the speech is tailored to their values, beliefs, and attitudes (Jaffe, 2015). The public speaker should also ensure that the allusions culturally share their experiences.

Engaging with the Audience

A good speaker should be conversant with the audience with the aim of involving everyone with his message. Ideally, he should do this by asking relevant questions to targeted groups or individuals as well as encouraging people to ask questions and participate. Also engaging with the audience makes the speaker hide his. This makes him sound more confidence, authentic and natural. Before the speaker engages with the public, he should prepare a list of important notes on a cue card to avoid the word-for-word reading from the notes. A skillful public speaker should make use of the visual aids. This means that he should have exceptional presentation and explanations of visual aids in his characters when he is giving a speech.

Persuasive Message

The messages given to the audience should have visuals that have powerful insights of speech topic which have high professional quality. The speaker should have the ability to construct an effective persuasive message that gives credible sound and evidence. They also articulate any challenges with solutions in a clear and compelling manner. Moreover, he supports his messages with reliable and persuasive evidence while also avoiding fallacies. Lastly, the speaker's speech should have a memorable call to any action. The success of communication comes from positive thinking. Positive thinking makes the speaker have confidence because fear can get him to have cycles of negative self-talk. Before the speaker begins, they should always remain active to avoid self-sabotage. Lastly, the speaker should learn how to use visualization and affirmations to raise the confidence of positive thinking.


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