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In the modern environment, a number of aspects must be taken into consideration for a full and efficient leadership communication. A purpose and a strategy are prerequisites for being a leader. A purpose is the motivation for doing something or the aim behind doing it in a specific way. With a clear goal in mind, we can create a plan of action that will enable us to successfully fulfill our objectives. A strategy is a plan of action meant to achieve a particular goal, so in this situation, critical thinking and assertiveness are absolutely necessary. With all these factors considered we can now comfortably device a means of communicating such information to your team with ease and understanding as well as not come out as too demanding and controlling. This is actually what we will be discussing today.

Key Concepts in Leadership

Through myriads of my endeavors, vie been privileged to meet people with various life stories. Some have been born and immediately nurtured into leadership, others have worked hard from scratch to get to their present statures but all of them are very great leaders in our society today. Some people have the deranged mentality that leaders can only be people of great wealth ad position but I strongly condemn such a mind frame. The three most essential ideas I have found out about Leadership are adaptability, inspiration, and desires(McCormack,2009). Leaders must be adaptable with change whether it is with people or with business.

The business world is consistently changing and will keep on keeping evolving. One must be interested in new thoughts and better approaches for enhancing to push ahead. Leaders must be very motivational is a few regions(Davis,2008). One must have the capacity to impart adequately the target he or she expects. One will likewise must have the capacity to rouse people to strive to finish the objectives that he or she has set. One will likewise must have the capacity to keep moral high constantly. Leaders must have the capacity to have desires that are sensible. One must have the capacity to set objectives reasonable to fulfill. One should likewise know how design out undertakings and every day work assignments (Robbins and Judge,2009).

As a devotee of Christ it is critical to have assets to fall back on. The Holy Bible is the best asset to go to. The Bible has many cases of administration and administration. Moses drove the Gentiles into the guarantee arrive. He leads them realizing that he would never enter the guarantee arrive. He was devoted to his supporters and to God. He didn't surrender. He stayed adaptable when time came. He remained a motivational constrain for the Gentiles. He kept his desires sensible.

The Language of Leaders

Empathy (pathos)

This is simply the act of feeling the people’s emotions. Chatting with people in hallways, asking your secretary about how her weekend was and so much more can go a long way in building a healthy relationship between your junior staff and increase their psyche at work. During breaks, it is also important to have conversations with people of in the lower org chart to have coffee and a tete ‘a’ tete over meals as well as give them life revelations of how you lead your everyday life. This though is not to lead to an egotistic attitude but to make an impact on their lives and encourage them that there’s far much that life has to offer and they need only work with their strengths geared in that direction.

Authenticity (ethos).

In any organization it is of primary importance to encourage staff once in a while. To the heart speeches are the way to go in such times. You as a leader should “preach the gospel” of hope to them. Make them feel like the people they are and not as resources to production. With such you will be able to win their trust loyalty and production of work done with devotion and passion, a combination sure to rake in profits(Satterlee,2009).

Social Media

In this techno savvy age, social media plays a major role in communication. Information is power, and with this at hand everything and anything we want or need is within the reach of our hands. In spite of the fact that not another idea, as it has included since the beginning of human association, it has assumed a noteworthy part in changing business and correspondence and now a noteworthy player in a great many people's lives(Davis,2008).

In numerous surveys done all over the world as per the use of social media in organization, it has been realized that many organizations are embracing it and using its beneficial attributes to improve the general productivity and the company bottom line. This is spearheaded by the leaders in place by increasing social media budgets and improving internal communication. Through this, managers and staff are able to interact on a professional platform with minimal hitches and information and clarification sought is easily dispensed at the comfort of one’s seat(Judge,2009).

Internal and External Communication

Within any organization there are specific directions of communication.


Downward. This is where communication flows from higher to lower levels. It may come in various forms such as: transmission of work related information. This will help them perform their jobs to meet the expectation of their managers. Lateral/Horizontal. It takes place at the same place of hierarchy. It could be between peers, managers or any organizational members. It is time saving, facilitates co-operation of the team members and co-ordination of the task(McCoemack,2009).


Outside. Is the correspondence that happen between a trough and outer gatherings, for example, providers, merchants, banks, monetary establishments and so on. This could demonstrate entrusting yet it is the foundation of business in all associations subsequently a pioneer must have authority of it.

Teams and Meetings

In modern organization teams and meetings can be organized in the following schedules;

The Daily Check-in ought to be short ideally five minutes to outright most extreme. Don't put out seats or snacks as it a to the point managerial refresh for everybody. Begin on time, don't sit tight for stragglers and don't reschedule in the event that somebody can't make it. The best way to make it powerful is to keep it dependably short and centered. The Weekly Tactical is the more conventional "workforce conference". Regularly going on for around a hour and can cover a wide assortment of themes. Concentrate on the talk and determination of issues which impact close term goals. Enabling participants to audit each other's needs will shield themes from meandering into the inconsequential and drive everybody to keep focused. Remember that it is a strategic meeting to manage current issues that need quick activity.

Emotional Intelligence, Diversity and Intercultural Communication

In our organizations today, if you take a brief stroll through our hallways and offices, you will not at all be privy to find different people badmouthing or making fun with respect to genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, political affiliations as well among many others. This is a sour story to tell, but being the apparent situation, we would rather take it head on. As a leader you ought to get an acceptable middle ground where such issues can be thoroughly discussed and resolved with sobriety and due clarity of mind(Satterlee,2009).

Leaders ought to be broadminded and acceptance of diversity is the first step geared in achieving such a mindset in the staff you lead. It is with great recourse that leaders ought to get back to our history and find out how early societies dealt with such differences to bring about cohesion, integration and understanding. This will be a major push to the growth and development of the firm and consequently the national community.


In conclusion, the ultimate goal of leadership is service. Though a cliché sentiment carelessly uttered by men lacking in integrity, this is the primary team player. Knowing that you are in that position to serve the greater good will ensure that your subordinates are loyal passionate and apt in their work and therefore work will be a place where everyone will always look forward to. The very exercise of leadership fosters capacity for it. Effective management is discipline carrying it out.” Thank you for listening to me. God bless you all.



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March 10, 2023

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