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Comparison between driving in Riyadh and Jubail

I discover it more comfortable driving in a small town than in a capital one. In this particular case, we shall compare and contrast riding in the two cities. And more specific, the small town of Jubail Industry located in the East of Saudi Arabia and Riyadh capital metropolis located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In both Jubail and Riyadh cities, there are a lot of similarities one of them being that they have same site visitors rules. Secondary, in both cities, all roads are paved. They also have signboards in every avenue to guide you as you drive. Additionally, both cities have a legal age of motoring.
The difference comes in overcrowding in Riyadh which is not the case at Jubail. Again in Riyadh drivers do not follow the traffic rules. Another variation observed in the two cities is that in Jubail, driving is comfortable due to the presence of many lanes hence the roads appear more beautiful; than those of Riyadh City.

In conclusion, the cities have similarities and differences when conducting a comparison, but for me, I prefer driving in Jubail rather than Riyadh.

August 09, 2021

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