Comparison of Bicep Brachii and Quadriceps Muscles

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The distal tissue attachments of the quadriceps muscles cover the sides and front of the thigh as opposed to the bicep brachii that are found on the arm. The distal tissue attachments originate from the upper section of the pelvis or ilium and femur. They combine in the tendon that surrounds the patella or kneecap (“Types of movement”). The distal tissue attachments are critical since they enable a person to stand, run, jump, squat, and walk among other activities that involve the legs. Furthermore, they stabilize the patella and facilitate flexing of the hip.

The bicep brachii tissue attachments have a short and long head. The long head is known as supraglenoid tubercle while the short one is the coracoid process of the scapula. The bicep brachii consists of connective tissues and skeletal muscles. The elongated cells that make up the skeletal muscles are known as fibers. Specifically, biceps brachii tissue attachments are critical to the functioning of the arm (“Types of movement”). They enable an individual to flex the arm at the elbow and the shoulder. Moreover, they allow the forearm to supinate at the elbow.

In the same way, quadriceps muscles facilitate the movement of the legs; bicep brachii enhances the proper functioning of the arm. The similarity between the distal tissue attachments of the quadriceps muscles and bicep brachii is that both facilitate movement. For this reason, a person can walk, run, jump, swing the hand, and consequently reach for something. Additionally, both the quadriceps and bicep brachii have elongated cells that form the fibers.

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“Types of movement.” Muscle Anatomy, n.d., Accessed 15 Dec. 2018.

August 09, 2023



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