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Computer Engineering

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My tutorial interests are to pursue Computer Engineering under a nurturing environment the place I can get to know my professors and engage in my undergraduate research. My interest in creating a computing world where people can surf the internet except the fear of being tracked without their knowledge has sparked my activity in information security research. At Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, being a Computer Engineering major, I plan to have interaction in software engineering research so that I can change the world of the pc as we know it. Due to my fascination with computers, my research plan will focal point on developing software that will be useful in promotion the vital technology today. The project will mix my analytical skills, software knowledge, and hardware expertise to come up with software for rapid intrusion detection.

As a student, I had limited motivation that posed a challenge in pursuing my studies. With no clear set goals, I had a problem in the desire to complete my education as I was less inclined in staying up to the late hours studying. Most of the time, social pulls were stronger and could overcome the urge to do schoolwork. Consequently, I felt that education was not worth and at times felt helpless when I failed projects and tests. To overcome the challenge, I developed personal educational goals that I worked towards attaining. Besides, I learned to balance my school work with social work through scheduling my time appropriately so that I provided enough room to study compared to socialization. Also, I engaged more in group discussions that promoted my understanding of the content after classes so that I avoided failing the tests to improve on my intrinsic motivation.

July 24, 2021


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