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Choosing the Right Computer

There are several machine brands available on the market from which to pick. However, the machine I choose must provide me with high-quality performance when I am using it. It should have a huge memory to store all of the data that I want to save. Editing and rewriting functionality is important because I will be editing my documents on a regular basis. The computer's name must be strong because other products are synonymous with providing poor apps that can crush with a single fall and cost me all of the knowledge that I would not have backed up. The internet has to be swift for my research activities. More importantly, the computer should be within my price range (Khan 3).

The Decision Making Process

There are various steps which I will follow when making the decision of the computer type that I will purchase.

Identifying the Problem

The first thing is to accept that I have a problem with conducting research, carrying out emailing activities, and saving my information. A computer can help me solve these problems as it has a large internal memory and is easy to use while conducting research, as it can open multiple tabs which I will use in comparing information and analyzing the data. There are different applications on the computer which will help in making my work easier.

Searching for the Right Computer

The next step is searching for a computer which is within my price range, yet of high quality and can serve the purpose I need and give me long-term service. I will use Google as my search engine to look for different computer brands. There are lots of companies such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, hp, and other brands which I can choose from. According to what I believe, I cannot go for the unrecognized brands as most likely their brands are of low quality. I have to consider one of the most recognized brands such as Dell, Hp, or Apple computers. I will look for different types such as the laptops, tablets, or personal computers. I have to be careful on the computer I will choose mostly on quality as I witnessed a laptop that my school roommate bought and it crushed within one week, and she lost all her information. I would not like to have such an unfortunate incident (Sokolowski 5).

Customer Reviews and Feedback

I will check on the three companies' different profiles on the computers they have sold. Customer response will help in deciding on which brand I will settle for. The companies advertise their computers on the internet and if people have had good or bad experiences, they are able to comment on these pages. Any questions are also posted, and the company responds. I can post various questions such as on the different laptop sizes manufactured, their internal memory, and the price.

Evaluating the Alternatives

The information will help in making the decision on which type of computer I should settle for and from which manufacturer. The marketing of the company will play an important role in helping me make the decision. There are those companies such as Apple which have created a culture of attracting customers by showing them the superiority of their products.

Making the Ultimate Decision

The other phase of decision making is evaluating the alternatives. The choice between Apple and Hp companies are the two alternatives I have. The decision I made of the type is a laptop since it is portable and a battery power which will enable me to continue with my work even after the powers are off, unlike a personal computer which can operate only when the lights are off. My purchasing power has to play an important role in deciding which company to choose from as both of them have high-quality brands that are most recognized due to both software and hardware’s which are durable.

Choosing HP Laptop

Apple Company is known for the high-quality products and a strong brand; however, their products are too expensive, and it is not within my price range. The selection stage involves making the ultimate purchasing decision. I would thus go for an HP laptop as they are of high quality, yet affordable and will help me solve all my research and storage issues (Lee 9).

Evaluation of the Decision

The last stage is an evaluation of the decision I have made. I will visit an HP outlet and purchase the most convenient laptop and first check that all parts are functioning properly. I will then start using the laptop to determine if it is below or above my expectations. If the laptop is of high quality, I will likely recommend it to another person who would be looking for a laptop for their personal use.


In conclusion, companies try their best to make customer experience best despite their purchasing decisions. They ensure that quality and brand are high and offering products at different prices. All these will help increase the chances of pleasing most customers. Most businesses are aware that when the customers are happy, they will talk positive things about the company such as in social networking sites and it is a way of attracting potential customers (Khan 15). A culture of attracting customers through the brand should be created as it is a way of satisfying customers. There are different factors which affect the behavior of the consumer when they are purchasing an object. Such factors include their attitude or the current news about that company. It is the duty of the company to be aware of the trends in consumer behavior so that they can ensure satisfaction and a pleasant experience all through. Companies have to be competitive by ensuring that their brands are better than competing companies which will help a competitive advantage thus preferable most by different customers.

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December 15, 2022
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