Corporal Punishment and Child Abuse

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The goal of corporal treatment is discipline. The purpose of it is to promote moral, intellectual, physical, and interpersonal consciousness. Children behave appropriately when they are punished, not because they dread punishment but rather because they have observed their guardians and parental figures modeling appropriate behavior. On the other hand, child abuse does not always involve the kid. It is a way for guardians to meet their own unique requirements or to convey their feelings. Any improvement in a child's behavior brought on by the maltreatment is only temporary. (Haley et al. 2010). The young child is likely to show the contempt and threatening vibe received from his or her parents in various situations in the future. Instead of cultivating a positive mental self-image, child abuse damages the confidence of the parents as well as the children.

Proof of the debate that corporal punishment can merely shade into physical abuse supposedly comes from the perception that the two are connected. Physical discipline and manhandle are on a similar continuum. In some cases when trying to discipline their youngsters, they do it with energy and intent. Aiming at hurting, using more power than is usual, which is abuse. One result of spanking of children might be intensification in the child's tendency to carry on forcefully or brutally (Haley et al, 2010). One likely effect of spanking as a child might be a high risk of turning into a child or life partner abuser as a grown-up. The more guardians believe in the use of physical punishment and the all the more widely they were physically punished as youngsters, the more probable they were to manhandle either their spouses or their kids. Similar to child abuse, corporal punishment leads to depression. Being hit or hurt by a loved and trusted adult causes intense childhood anger, which does not merely go away, but instead, is transformed into adult depression.


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Haley, J., Stein, W., Dingwell, H., Golden, R. N., & Peterson, F. L. (2010). The truth about abuse. New York, NY: Facts On File.

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July 15, 2023

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