Countries strongly influenced and controlled by the European or America countries

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These days, many nations are heavily affected and governed by European or American nations. The developing nations are unfairly treated in this situation because they could contribute resources like money and assistance and could also influence policy. After the start of the Civil War, this caused the American troops to create the world's police. (Miller & Berkin, 2013). The ability to manage problems in other nations well led to better duties and responsibilities. Occasionally, performing those responsibilities might involve defending international peace, legality, and order. The formation of the world's policemen and their impact on other nations will be examined in this essay. America and other countries including Europe had significant control and impact over other nations. During the Civil War, the U.S took charge of the responsibility of global welfare and was thus branded the world's policemen (Miller & Berkin, 2013). Among their duty, they had to make sure that law and peace is observed globally. America has so far played the role of the world's policemen impeccably with the best examples being the responsibilities they did in Afghanistan and Iraq (Miller & Berkin, 2013).

International events that formed the foreign policies after the Civil War

The responsibilities America took pertained some precautionary measures to execute the procedures as well as preventing any further World Wars that would stop the nuclear development that would occur in the future. Initially, the United States deployed soldiers to assist contain the Jordan civil war that took place Syria borders. Led by an American officer the team took their training at the North of Amman in Jordanian.

America assumed some precautionary measures to prevent the world from future wars among them being the implementation of policies that inhibit nuclear development. Although America holds atomic power, it had forbidden other nation from developing the same (Scott & Rosita, 2010). This is a part of the strategy aimed at ensuring that America maintains its dominance over other nations. To conserve this dominating position, America has also implemented some foreign policies, such as:

The action taken against other countries posed a threat to the world security including Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and Iran.

Inhibiting the programs that created the nuclear weapons in other countries such as Syria, Iran, China, Venezuela, Sudan, and North Korea,

The Strategic Defense Initiative

The above examples are among the most basic, yet very effective steps that America took to secure its place as powerful world Policemen. Procedures that the country used to curb terrorism were essential in maintaining her integrity (Nikou, 2014). After America experienced incidents that claimed several lives, it was evident that the nation's security was ineffective. Antiterrorism policies saw the country raise the levels of checking measures applied against immigrants. Both American citizens and non- Americans had to undergo extensive security clearances, and immigration policies were also revised (Nikou, 2014).

Three Aspects that led to the rise of the U.S'S superpower policemen

America had established certain ground rules due to the ability to control the military equipment as well as the production of weapons because they wanted to be the world's policemen. The aspects that led to the rise of the U.S superpower included religious & moral views, financial and geopolitical reasons. First, the missionaries in America had a duty of spreading the gospel to the uncivilized parts of the world. Secondly, there was a division of the European nations and the world due to enormous profits that rose from the regions. Third, the industrial age resulted in the accumulation of wealth

From the above examples, it is clear that since the Civil War, America has always worked towards being a world superpower. It has guarded against the development of nuclear power by other countries since it is afraid that if other nations have similar capabilities as it does, there will be competition. America also understands that dominance is not circumscribed to access to nuclear power and it had to take precautions to ensure that countries with programs on weapons of mass destruction, such as Iraq and Korea, would not pose a threat to global security (Scott & Rosita 2010).

America took three international incidents after the World War 11

Immediately after the World War 11, the U.S played a vital role in determining the foreign policies (Rosita & Scott, 2010). For instance, three countries were impacted by the war.

Korean War (1950)

During the Korean War, the United States responded to the call for help by North Korea after South Korea launched an attack on them following the resolution by the U.N Security Council. The U.S, on the other hand, deployed more than 300,000 military men in Korea of which 36,600 United States forces lost their lives. The sacrifice of these troops was a symbol of the United States' readiness to be involved in the implementation of global peace no matter the impact it would have (Douglas, 2013).

Vietnam War (1968)

The United States feared Vietnam because communism would spread all over the world under capitalism. During the cold war with the Soviet Union, it was their responsibility to make sure they do not spread the communist regime to the southern part of Vietnam. The Viet and its administration from the northern area were bolstered by the government of Russia immediately the United States partnered with South Vietnam (Douglas, 2013).

Persian Gulf War (1990)

The Persian Gulf War was waged by the international coalition under the leadership of the United States to force Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein to stop the aggression against Kuwait by his country. The Persian Gulf War ended with peace terms whereby Hussein agreed that Iraq would recognize Kuwait as sovereign state and also dispose of all the weapons they had for mass destruction

Three driving forces that facilitated the international policy decision

Gulf of Tonkin

The Gulf of Tonkin was passed by the United States Congress in which it gave President Lyndon nearly unlimited powers whereby he had the authorization to take all the necessary measures to go against any further communist aggression of North Vietnam as well as the army that were against the United States. The Resolution of the Gulf of Tonkin was the beginning of the full-scale involvement in the Vietnam War by the U.S (Douglas, 2013).


North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a military coalition organization formed with the aim of providing a collective defense. The treaty allows its members to respond mutually to external attacks (Solomon, 2011). The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was an agreement that was a signed by the Soviet Union and the United States barring both sides from employing anti-ballistic missiles in their operations (Solomon, 2011). The Treaty arms of the strategic Reduction was very similar to the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, but it was signed at a later date. The strategic arm of offense also limited the development of the bilateral treaty (Solomon, 2011).


Strategic Arms Limitation Talks I is the common name for Strategic Arms Limitation because it limited the number of strategic ballistic missile that was armed with nuclear weapons. The SALT I was a measure to ensure that the Soviet Union and the United States were to be at the same level in regards to their arms of strategic forces.


In conclusion, before WWII the U.S didn't join any alliances, so they were more passive. However, after WWII, the U.S. took an active role in world affairs such as joining the United Nations or forming the military alliance like NATO, etc. In the end, World War II, the Military in American has been influential, and their policies have been shaped well enough to be the policemen of the world. The United States was not part of any alliance before WWII which made them more passive. However, after WWII, the U.S. took an active role in world affairs such as joining the United Nations or forming a military alliance like NATO, etc.

After the World War II, the American military has been dominant, and America's policies have been shaped well enough to be the policemen of the world. As explained above the United States has the capability of controlling a lot of the activities around the world as it is both powerful and influential. It is, however, crucial that countries be susceptible when the United States involves itself in the resolving of their conflicts as there are cases whereby their involvement has an ulterior motive. In some cases, their quest to find a solution to the global conflict has resulted in more disastrous issues. This usually happens when the country facing conflict realizes that the United States is getting involved to bring in investors. There are many occasions where the United States has tried to gain control over the markets and resources of troubled countries.


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