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This is my application for the Technical Supervisor position at the Apple Company that was posted on your website in the latter part of last year. The talents a candidate must have for my position of interest include good communication skills, the capacity to comprehend and apply programming languages, data entry, website installation, programming, and system maintenance. I want to quickly address difficulties and propose a fantastic solution to the organization's issues. Additionally, I aim to deliver outstanding outcomes that will boost the organization's overall success. I am qualified for this role due to a variety of abilities I possess. For instance, I have a deep interest in developing software solutions to system security, process efficiency installations, and system maintenance. I also have vast skills in computer programming which I have attained during my three years of service. Besides, I have engaged different experts from the profession, something that has given me sufficient experience and viewpoints of my career expectation.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Bellevue College. At the college, I learnt different computer application systems and processes and how to approach real-life professional problems in computing and informatics. I also hold a Diploma in Software Development from Anglia Ruskin University. The course was based on practical programming skills and was meant to complement my previous degree at Bellevue College. The diploma course taught me the soft skills that are required in the profession. The course mainly emphasized in problem-solving and the application of technology to offer solutions to clients in diverse industries such as finance, educational and business. As such, the diploma in software development equipped me with hands on experience that is crucial in this position. I have also accumulated sufficient academic knowledge on my line of specialization through online platforms such as YouTube and Google Scholar. The platforms have equipped me with the necessary expertise that is fundamental at the workplace.

I have worked with different companies that have helped me attain my experience. I have worked with Samsung Electronics Company for one year, a period during which I managed to learn several skills about programming. My experience at Samsung was significant in my career as I met different people who taught me on the important workplace processes and procedures. The company is large, exposing me to various production and processing knowledge which are i8mperative for my future endeavors. I have also worked with the Sony Company as a systems maintenance assistant. I have the ability to think through potential solutions to hardware and software problems in computers, working in a busy environment, basic electric installations and power maintenance, data entry and management, system security management and lost information retrieval.

I am glad to inform you that I am available for any questions and clarification on my skills and experience. I am also available for demonstrations on what I can deliver given a chance to serve your organization. In the event that you require me to take further assessments, you can reach me through phone or email using the contact details indicated at the end of this message. I look forward to having a candid discussion with you on this matter. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the consideration.


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April 13, 2023


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