Crane and Faulkner Use of Suspense Comparison

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Most of the tales by Stephen Crane incorporate suspense by leaving out indispensable details that the reader craves to know which are in most cases the names of the characters. In the story, The Red Badge of Courage, Crane does now not mention the names of the soldier and the private in the army and refers to them as the tall soldier and the early life respectively (Crane, 2). On the other hand, Faulkner uses suspense of events whereby he leaves occasions hanging such as in the story A Rose for Emily; he states that people have not been to Emily’s compound in ten years (Faulkner, 1). This leaves the readers thinking about the events leading to this situation.

Crane uses dialogue suspense whereby the character says a statement that leaves the reader wanting to know more. In the story, The Red Badge of Courage, the youth asks the tall soldier "Think any of the boys 'll run?" (Crane, 7). This makes the one want to know more about how the battle will be. Faulkner uses suspense for anticipation like in the story A Rose for Emily, the purchasing of arsenic by Emily is suspenseful leaving the reader wondering if she will kill someone or herself.

View of Marriage

The book The Story of an Hour portrays marriage as an entity of repression and confinement whereby the lady has no liberty to do what she wants and that the propositions of the husband are final. A tragic event has just happened whereby Brent is believed to be dead but amid Louise’s sobs while in her room, she repeats the word “free” to show that she is free from the shackles of her husband (Chopin, 2). This shows that she was unhappy in her marriage and the death of her husband marks her freedom and unaccountability to anyone.

Attitudes of Marriage Then and Now

The story represents attitudes towards marriage in the nineteenth century only because it is during those times that married women were oppressed and denied liberty to do different things. In the current world, femininity has dominated as many married women have rights and some recorded in the constitution and organizations have been created to empower and protect the women against oppressions like domestic violence among others (Thorne)

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August 31, 2021
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