Creation of Good Music

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The Characteristics of Good Music

The audience is not only impressed by good music, but it also communicates in a way that is generally pleasant. Every generation has a distinct musical preference that is regarded as ideal (Mueller 49). Since diverse societies have varying tastes, languages, and musical genres, there is no universally accepted description of what good music is. Some songs stand out for their beats, while others have amazing rhythms and others successfully convey a certain message, all of which qualify them as good music. Clearly, there are numerous characteristics that, regardless of the style, language, or genre, characterize good music. If a melody is natured efficiently with emphasis on various aspects of music composition, it can be developed into a good song that can stand out among the rest. This article explores some aspects of good music.

The Importance of Originality

To begin with, good music should have a spontaneous, natural and original feel. The audience should immediately relate to the originality of the song, feeling a fresh and impressive. The artist has to be creative to provide original content which cannot be extracted from another song. It should not feel forced, contrived or squeezed. The words should articulate easily, possibly with a sense of rhyme. They should come out easily without making the artist struggle to breathe or articulate the parts of the song (Mueller 49). If an artist struggles to bring out the song, so will the audience which tires the individual and makes them bored. This can be avoided through creativity and original composition, whereby the composer does not refer to or copy other songs.

The Power of Messaging

In addition to that, a good music should have an underlying deep message (Mueller 49). It should communicate something to the audience, or be directed to a particular being. For example, a love song stands out due to the sensitivity and uniqueness of its message. It has to be different from the rest, smoothly adhering to the melody and intelligently crafted. The message keeps makes it applicable to various circumstances, relate to everyone and also appeal to the every set of audience, be it young or old. For example, love is a language spoken by all, a sensitive love song such as hero by Enrique Iglesias travels faster than his name. The song has been applied in various occasions, dedicated to events such as weddings and continues to shake the airwaves.

The Role of Organization and Emotion

Besides those, a good song has a good organization with a balance of emotion, which is maintained through repetition. The rhythm of the song should maintained throughout the song, such that even if the audience doesn’t understand the language, they can flow with the rhythm. It should not only be heard but also felt. Repetition creates predictability and flow so that one can relate to the song. A rhyme scheme is essential in maintaining impressive repetition. Lastly, a good song should exhibit great sublimity (Mueller 49). It should transport the audience from the current moment to the one being described in the song. It should be creative enough to paint an image of the circumstance in which the artist created the song. For example, a patriotic song should give the audience pride in being associated with that particular country. It should combine the emotion with the imagery to create a relationship.

In Conclusion

Conclusively, there is no standard by which good music can be assessed of accredited. Music can only be rated upon the feeling or impression it creates among the audience. Only the audience can rate it based on the attention grabbing and reception given. However, there are various factors such as rhythm, communication and originality, which if adhered to well will enhance the song’s quality. Music is part of the society and should be dearly treasured.

Work Cited

Mueller, John. “Musical Taste and how it is formed.” The Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music (2015): 49.

April 13, 2023

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