Creative Marketing in the Present Times

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I agree with the sentiments expressed in the article What Creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today. Recent times have seen a shift in the ways by which marketing is conducted. Arguably, there is greater need for the involvement of the customer in marketing initiatives. Customers are increasingly specific about the specification of the products they require. In the era of social networking, marketers are called upon to turn everyone into an advocate. Therefore, every stakeholder provides an important unit in the achievement of the overall marketing goals. I also agree with the calls for the involvement of an entrepreneurial mind in creative marketing. Such an approach facilitates flexibility in the decision-making process. In my opinion, such an intervention is important given the increased volatility of the contemporary marketing setting. To stay relevant, marketers will be called upon to quickly determine and apply frameworks that appeal to the shifting customer needs.

My Thoughts on the Article

Bonchek and France make valid arguments regarding the nature of creative marketing in the present times. More than ever, marketers are called upon to integrate measures that will facilitate the involvement of the customer in the product promotion process. The article's strength lays in the organization of the creative marketing process into five distinct segments which include; create with the customer not just for the customer, investing in the end-to-end experience, turning everyone into an advocate, bringing creativity to measurement and lastly, thinking like a startup (Bonchek and France). I also feel that the incorporation of real-life cases studies greatly augmented the delivery of the message as intended by the authors. It reflects the expertise wielded by the involved authors.

Work Cited


Bonchek, Mark., and Cara France. “What Creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today”. Harvard Business Review, March 22nd, 2017, Accessed March 18, 2018.

September 18, 2023


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