Crisis in the Education Sector

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The K-12 education structure corresponds to Freire's banking idea, in which an instructor deposits information on the learner. Unlike informal education, which emphasizes dialogue, formal education is based on a fixed curriculum in which, regardless of the two interested parties cooperating, one acts on the other (Smith 1). In my opinion, the education system is flourishing, but stronger outcomes can be obtained if some of the questions raised by Freire are answered. For example, if educators could pique students' interest in responding to their needs before designing a program, the latter would be more motivated to follow their studies. I agree with Wood that students can learn more if we shift from the traditional long lecturing practices to an interactive classroom format. Interactive and cooperative engagements among students, which include frequent assessment of understanding, can improve their ability to gain the concepts (Gobry 1). This evaluation does not mean that there should be a change in the course content but instead substituting some class lecturing with full student responsibility through outside the class learning. Minerva University is a college experience of the future due to its online-based platform (Gobry 1). Through this technology, students across the globe can engage to each through small-group seminars and share educational materials.

I do not think Yo-Yo is fighting a losing battle because he is not against the push for STEM education but instead proposes for the inclusion of arts in the structure. His argument is based on the significant values that result from practicing art such as creative thinking, collaboration and disciplined imagination (Ma 1). All these traits will enhance innovation which is a critical aspect in the realization of the STEM education formality.

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August 18, 2021

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