Dashain and Tihar - Festive Season

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There are many reasons to celebrate Dashain and Tihar, but none can compare with the joy and excitement these festivals can bring. The festivals involve jolly mood, playing 'Deusi-bhailo', and welcoming the goddess Laxmi, who brings happiness and wealth. If you're planning to celebrate these holidays with your loved ones, here are some things you should know. Besides, it's the only time of year when you can share this jubilant spirit with your family and friends.


The Festive Season is a time of reunion and gatherings, which are commonly celebrated on the auspicious occasions of Dashain and Tihar. While these celebrations are generally reserved for family members, many people want to spend time with friends. In addition to family gatherings, Dashain and Tihar are celebrated throughout India. Here are some interesting facts about this festive season. A brief overview of each holiday is below.

The first day of Tihar is dedicated to worshiping the crow, the messenger of Yama. A family cooks a good meal and then serves the first portion outside, where crows can feast. It is believed that feeding crows keeps their loved ones safe. People also believe that worshipping crows will bring good luck. Therefore, the craw is a prominent figure in the festival.


The first day of Dashain and Tihar is dedicated to worshipping the crow, messenger of Yama. On this day, a family prepares a good meal, which each member of the household takes outside to feed the crow. Many people believe that feeding the crow will keep their loved ones safe, and by worshipping the crow, they will receive good luck and prosperity. Here are some traditions from the festivals of Dashain and Tihar.

Start a fitness regime. Try joining a gym. Follow a diet. Or become your own personal trainer. Being fit is the key to a happy life, so focus on your health between Dashain and Tihar. In the meantime, you may even be inspired to start your own small business. So, get moving and make a difference. You will be glad you did! Here are some great ways to get started:

Bhai Tika

To celebrate Bhai Tika, sisters make a wish for their brothers. They perform puja by circling their brothers three times, and put oil from a copper pitcher in their ears and hair. Once the sisters have made the wish, they give their brothers a Tika, which they wear on their foreheads. The Tika base is made of rice paste, and the sister cracks a walnut as part of the ceremony.

The first day of Tihar is dedicated to worshiping the crow, a messenger of the god Yama. Families prepare a delicious meal and send portions of it outside to the crow. Crows are believed to guard homes and loved ones, and feeding them is believed to bring good luck. This custom is practiced in many countries around the world. The day before Tihar, people in India would feed crows in hopes of attracting good fortune.


The fifteenth day of Dashain falls on a full moon day, which is known as Kojagrata Purnima. This day is dedicated to the goddess of wealth, Laxmi. On this day, people worship the goddess and perform rituals to please her. The celebration usually includes games and playing cards. Rituals for Dashain and Tihar are different in every region of Nepal.

During Tihar, sweets, dishes, and fire are offered to the Goddess of Wealth, Laxmi. This rite is intended to keep away death from homes. It is considered an auspicious festival in many places and cultures. This is an excellent time to begin a new year! Rituals for Dashain and Tihar are both important for Hinduism, and can help you honor the goddess with your own special touches.

Kite flying

It is a tradition to fly kites during Dashain and Tihar. As the winds blow in the afternoon, shopkeepers will stock up on colorful kites. The Chinese kites are made from bamboo or silk and vary greatly in size and design. They are usually decorated with colorful patterns and are very fast-reeling. Alternative materials are also used for kite flying. However, a Chinese kite has a unique history, and the practice has been abandoned in some parts of the world.

For many people, kite flying is an important tradition in Nepal. They believe that flying kites sends a message to the rain god Indra, and is beneficial for both families and individuals. They believe that flying kites will bring good fortune to all in the household, and that flying kites will guide recently released souls to paradise. And for many, flying kites is a great way to share their best wishes for Dashain.


The festive season brings with it many shopping options. Many businesses offer discounts on clothes, electronics, and automobiles. Dashain and Tihar are two days when people tend to go on a shopping spree. While some businessmen may make you fall for tempting offers, they are generally not worth it. Instead, they are simply exploiting the festival by deceiving shoppers. You can find the best deals online and in local shops by judging the real value of the products.

Most young people spend their money on unnecessary things during Dashain and Tihar shopping. They do so to enjoy the experience. Many of them spend between Rs 5000 and Rs 15000. They are likely to buy a new car, a new motorcycle, or clothes for their tika. Despite these unneeded purchases, Dashain and Tihar shopping is a great excuse to buy something new and beautiful.

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