Day in My Life: Daily Field Logo

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Everyone has a unique style of going about their daily lives

The career is always a factor in day-to-day living. I am a parent, a nursing school student (in a medical surgery program), and I also take chemistry and sociology online. I live a disciplined life that necessitates accountability and responsibility. I have to take care of my family, my schoolwork, and other responsibilities, in addition to my own activities like going to the gym. Despite the fact that I work, I have made studying a regular habit in my life. I also noticed that my daily routine is pretty straightforward. With the exception of spouses, I hope the majority of students maintain the same daily routine. Last Monday I woke up and recorded my activities of the day starting from waking up till I went to bed at night. I observed that I had the same daily schedule.

Daily Field Logo

6:00 AM: I wake up and begin the day with a morning prayer. I take some minutes meditating about my past life experience and the future to come. This period is the moment of planning for my daily schedule and preparing for it psychologically.

6:30 AM: I interact with my wife; this is the regular time of interacting with my spouse. We spent a moment together, and I proceed to the gym which was my daily cardio and after that, a take a shower and brush my teeth.

7:15 AM: I interact with my only child, playing table tennis while my wife prepares breakfast.

7:30 AM: Have breakfast with my family together in the dining hall.

8:00 AM: I spend some time at the home school with my child.

9:00 AM: After dropping the child at a daycare I do some little shopping at the grocery. I iron my clothes

11:45 AM: Attend to regular house chores with the help of my wife at home

12:30 pm. Attend to my nursing class (medicine surgery class) which starts at 1 pm; I have to drive for ten minutes to school, so I give myself 10 minutes earlier extension.

2:45 pm: online school of sociology and chemistry. After the lesson, I pass by our church for daily prayer held by church members.

5:00 pm: Interact with other friends as I come from studying and pick up my child from daycare school while I pass at his mom's workplace.

5:30 pm: We prepare dinner with my wife jointly and schedule for the next day events and program.

5:45 pm: Personal training at the home gym with my friends and brothers.

7:00 pm: take a shower and prepare for dinner as I interact with my wife and child.

8:45 Personal studies and health assessment and laboratory research studies. This is the best time to study.

10:00 pm: Bed time.


Social norms and laws may shape the shape the success of the day of a person. Social norms include the legislation and economic influences of the societal activities. It is the basis of the social orders and activities of an individual. Supported social norms are likely to shape the day of a person. The social norms influence how you interact with the public and the law enforcing authority. The socio-economic factor which is an impact of social norms determines the daily lifestyle of an individual. This factor can affect the daily purchasing power and be adapting to the current economic biased society. The social norms ideally work so deeply in determining the decisions of individuals daily.

There are several sociological concepts which fit into my field log observations such as the personal roles, impression management, institutions, and relation. The sociological norms identified above affect the daily activities and schedule of a person. Consequently, the management also fits into my field as it affects how an individual undertakes his or her daily activities within the appropriate time. It should go without saying that all these factors have an influence in determining one’s decision.

According to the article (Reyes, 2016), the need for candid interaction and relation with my family members and friends demands its own time. I always have time to interact with different people including my wife and child. This is an epitome of preferred relation from the article arguments. The author argues that the relation of people to other people can determine or constrain your relationship. For efficient field work folio, there should the extra time to share moments with other people not only for work. Every individual must have time with his or her children every time regardless of how much he may be committed. There is a need for gender socialization and consideration of gender requirement. Every woman needs the company of her spouse every day. Consequently, the wife should not be too busy throughout the day without spending time with her partner.

The article, Erin, 2017, social roles as a personal responsibility contributes in arguments which are vital in creating a perfect field logo. The article shows that social roles include those behaviors which are expected from each in the society and thus in the family. From the reading, an actual mother becomes responsible when she cares for her child while at the same time interacts with her husband even if she may be having outside work ("The Communitarian Network," 2017). The gender roles as a social norm consider the interrelation between people in the family. Every individual has a basic contribution in having a friendly social relation.


As an active member of our society, I play a central role in our society which is tailored to giving the best to the society. Am driven by my motives and controlled by my instincts due to my experience of the societal history. Since I have noticed the weak point of the society, I have the motive to change the society to be what it should be. I would like to see a society where people freely interact with each other; this is a productive society where everyone can enjoy living in (Long Crowell, 2017). I am hoping for a society where people can easily share out their mind. This is the basis of a healthy society, and every individual will uphold the social norms in the society. I have the feeling of optimisms that hopefully the society will change over time and have uniting social norms. I am yet to encourage everyone to practice effective social standards and respect laws of the society. However, there are some structural constraints which may be the barrier from realizing the best. There are interpersonal relationships which may be positive or negative. Thus some people may always be a barrier to coming.


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March 23, 2023

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