DEA and Drug Classification Criteria

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The DEA's main objective is to stop the proliferation of drug abuse in the neighborhood. Drug cartels are showing themselves to be out of control in the area by providing drugs to young people for extremely low rates. To recognize these drugs, though, there is a process that is used. A person who is found in possession of a specific sort of drug faces specific penalties. The agency frequently uses the Bocquet factors to recognize and classify a dress syndrome in clinical practice. However, their presence can be explained by the fact that medical use is accepted and there is a high risk of abuse. The currently unaccepted medical use drugs include heroin, marijuana, methaqualone, and peyote, which have a severe impact on an individual’s body and health. Secondly, the concept of a moderate to low perspective of physical and psychological dependency is another module used in the classification of drugs. For example, ketamine, anabolic steroids, testosterone has a moderate impact on an individual’s body and health.

Category one drug schedule

According to the information about the category one drug on the schedule, there is a need to include the toxic level that an individual will entail when abusing these drugs. It will also help in demonstrating the level of damage that an individual will get after the consumption of these drugs. A disposal mechanism should also be discussed by the agency analyzing the most appropriate measure that will help in eradicating the use of the drugs in society. For instance, the impact of marijuana could be discussed and also include drugs that have a similar effect on consumption. That type of drug suits to be clustered under the schedule one drug.


Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Department of Justice. (n.d.) Drug Scheduling

July 15, 2023

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