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To examine the significance of word meanings in-depth, I decided to examine the term differ, which is often used in everyday conversation and areas of the discipline. However, different dictionaries have come forward to include different meanings for the expression. The following article attempts to explore the context and look at specifics, as well as determine the need to progress in describing terms and even find a description that combines all of the available meanings.
The free dictionary describes differing as being dissimilar or unlike in nature, content, number, or type. (Freedictionary, farlex)It also defines differ s of being of different opinion or to disagree. Finally, it describes differ as to the act of quarreling or disagree.

The Macmillan dictionary, on the other hand, defines differ as for the state of two things being different from something else. Also, it describes differ as to the act of disagreeing with someone about a subject. The Thesaurus dictionary also has a lengthy definition of differing; it means to contradict with, to be unlike, to vary, to disagree or to counter a statement. The Meriam Webster dictionary also defines differ as a to be unlike or distinct. Even the form, or characteristics, for example, the law of one state differs from that of another, to change from time to time or from one instance to another, for example, the number of cookies in a box may differ, to be of unlike or opposite opinion. (Meriam webstar).

The words differ, different, and a difference may seem to have the same meaning, but bits of their definition is different in a way. The difference occurs in the word class each belongs. Differ is the verb which shows the action of two things being dissimilar from each other. For instance, an example is, I beg to differ with your opinion about the European Union Agenda towards African countries. Differ has been used as a verb in that case.

Different on the other hand is an adjective which seeks to show how divergent opinions or things are both in nature and physical appearance. For example different phones, different age groups, different car and different dresses. Lastly, difference is a noun which means the way in which thing tend to differ from one another; examples include He made a difference to the hockey game when he was introduced as a substitute.

The definition of the word differ as seen from the different dictionary definition both have a similar stand on the description as the act of being dissimilar and having a different opinion or to disagree. The term differ, over the different definition has proven to be a similarity difference. The assertation above has never been debated in any forum before. This part of the description has remained intact and should, therefore, continue as the key definitive words.

The word differ may also be related to separate, diverge, deviate, fluctuate and also divide. These words are very closely related to the term differ considering that they both have an aspect of dissimilar view.

Semantic changes are defined as the evolution of word usage. It further states that some word usage can be radically different from how we use them today and how they were used initially in the old days. Also, it says that words definition may be different since every word has a variety of senses and connotation which can be added or removed or altered over time, often to the extent that cognates across space and time have very different meanings. (Andreas pp. 61 to 90).

Words are a mighty instrument in our daily communications they should not be carelessly used to create chaos in their definitions, or their meanings reduced or added. Words, if used correctly, can create beautiful images to the speaker or also generate darker and despair images too. Some words such as literally and sucks are misused daily without causing any damages to the Scriptures. However, it paints the speaker unrefined. This should not be taken advantage of abusing words carelessly. Words have proper definition that would suit the utterance of every situation that one wants to place it. It is unaccepted to adjust the meaning of a word to fit in a case where an already existing word with a similar definition already exists.

Over the ages, the English speakers have forgotten what their forefathers formerly used to relate their ideas. They have forgotten that and lost the ability to communicate appropriately in a language they claim to be theirs.

To conclude with the term differ as used by the different dictionary cannot exist if there is no dissimilarity. Change in meaning occurs due to the implementation complication that arises over the years. Therefore the authors cannot achieve the sense without the inclusion of contrast. I would argue that the addition of disagreeing and having difference not forgetting unlikeliness should be maintained in all definitions.

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August 18, 2021


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