The analysis and synthesis of literature

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The interpretation and synthesis of literature take a well-defined direction that allows for the presentation of context. It is critical to begin the synthesis of literature with the study of the texts, which should take around one paragraph for the shorter versions of literature. One of the motives for synthesis and interpretation of literature is to demonstrate to readers that one is knowledgeable about the subject under consideration. The main goal is to highlight the fact that, considering the previously reported study, there is so plenty that has not been covered, hence the need for the study. Literature review allows for the bringing together of the background information on a topic in a helpful and logical manner in a way that is purposive.

The critical components of literature review include, accuracy of information from diverse sources, well-organized format that enables readers to easily connect the main information to the sources and bring to light the diverse aspects alongside deeper understanding of the information presented. Other important components include information on the author, date of publication, edition, as well as content analysis. In the introduction, I would make it short, concise and to the point with the aim of ensuring the readers get the aim of the synthesis from the start as well as maintain their attention. Further introduction of the authors by providing background information gives the synthesis some more credibility.

Providing meaning full subtopics in the literature enables the readers have a better in-depth understanding of what the information brought forth is all about. Readers tend to lean more towards the informative aspect of synthesis thus is essential to start a paragraph with statements that inform. The conclusion is the last impression of the writer to the readers and thus needs to be more appealing, inclusion of the significant themes in the overall topic.


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