Describe the Character of Satan from the book of Job (Bible)

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There are distinct Job personalities that emerge when one reads through the book of Job. He is polite and punctual. In this novel, Satan spends a significant amount of time on Earth. When Satan appears before God and his divine court and is asked about his life success, he mentions that he has been hiding out on Earth. This is a characteristic shared by Angels.

Satan also appears to be a persistent and difficult to push the person. On two occasions in this novel, Satan confronts God. This is a unique trait as it is not common for any person to question God or His doings.

Satan is portrayed as powerful in his actions. From the book, Satan appears as a powerful being. God does not do anything nasty or bad to Job using his divine power rather he permits Satan to use his power (Brown 223). Satan doing the dirty work seems to be part of the mythology advanced by the Greek. The mythology asserts that a demigod should do the dirty work but God affirms his dominance after all. This turns out to portray Satan as a bad guy.

The other trait that is shown is the disappearing Act. Satan in the book does not hold on for a long time. The reason could be because the fight is between Job and God. Satan in this story could just be a catalyst in the entire process. Satan is here strategically to help in unfolding the relationship that God has with man (Brown 225).

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Brown, Derek R. "The devil in the details: A survey of research on Satan in biblical studies." Currents in Biblical Research 9.2 (2011): 200-227.

November 03, 2022

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