Dropbox Total Reward Program

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Purpose of the paper is about demonstrating total reward program of Dropbox Company, describing segmentation of the workforce that has taken place in enhancing the efficient running of the organisation. There is a perfect storm brewing in workrooms. The frugality is recovering, corporate is picking up, and companies are hiring. At the comparable time, baby boomers are concocting leaving workforce that will lead to management, skills, and information gaps that could portend an organization’s imminent. For the first time as the Great Recession, bosses will be working firmer than ever to recollect and attract the best labours. These withholding and recruiting events have been conventionally housed with HR commercial partners and in the recompense sphere of HR, but it is period to rethink these actions as part of a broader total rewards approach. Offering staffs career prospects are also part of an entire rewards plan, a practice an increasing quantity of employers are accepting. Career chances include learning in the procedure of tuition support, corporate colleges, attending seminars and sessions, self-development, challenge coursework, and even vacations. According to (Friedman, 2004 p7) training and mentoring also tumble into this category, along with endless opportunities like foreign assignments, career rankings and pathways, and providing staffs on and off ramps through their careers. The paper below also explains in details how decent total rewards packages entice, retain, and motivate workers to make their best effort, and they should be adapted on a regular basis to maintain employees engaged and to encounter employees’ shifting personal and professional wants during their career sequences.

Company Description

Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi established Dropbox in June year 2007 then hurled in September 2008 as a modest way for individuals to have their records wherever they are, and segment them easily. The effortlessness of the product joint with the dependability of the sync led clients to bring Dropbox to labor to empower association. Above 300,000 squads have adopted Dropbox Professional, and there are more 500 million itemized Dropbox operators around the ecosphere.

Dropbox chains hundreds of millions of inventors and innovators around the world. The company mission is to bridge the way individuals work together. Over 200,000 corporations to safeguard their greatest essential data trust Dropbox Commercial. As they endure to build the unique place to generate, share, and exert with others, there is a perfect advert for everyone to grow with the company.

Core values of the company comprise of the following;

•    Be worthy of trust. The company believes that they are working towards achieving nature of winning the trust of their customers all over the universe.

•    Aim higher. The company must at all times aim high in ensuring they achieve their goals as required.

•    We, not I. The value explains that employees should assure teamwork is working efficiently in the conducive environment among all the workers.

In the year 2011, the company launched produce for teams. This converted the foundation for Dropbox Business, which later started in the year 2013. Dropbox Business bounces company’s perceptibility and regulator over critical business facts, streamlining association for teams great and small. In the year 2015, Dropbox broadcasted Dropbox Enterprise, presenting new deployment gears, advanced panels, and services and sustenance designed precisely for large administrations. In 2016, Dropbox publicised Dropbox Education to enable collaboration between facility and staff at universities and colleges.

Dropbox employs the philosophy of Variable Pay Compensation as a reward plan to the staffs.

Variable wage is the portion of payment determined by employee recital. When employees hit their goalmouths, variable reimbursement is provided as a kind of bonus, else known as incentive pay or order. Base income, on the other hand, is immovable and paid out irrespective of employee’s summit their objectives (Kim, Shi & Srinivasan 2001, p54). In the company together, inducement compensation and the secure portion of an employee’s income make up what recognized as pay mix, with numerous companies offering some base and variable pay sequencer as establishment under consideration is practising.

The company implements the compensation philosophy by enhancement the payment plan as merely what motivates sales reps to hit their allocations each epoch. By pleasing or paying for rep enactment, they establish a direct relationship between fallouts and fund that is one of the most significant methods the company uses in motivating staffs achieving their goals. Also, it is more than fair sales variable pay agendas, with organizations rotating to incentive-based actions for added stimulus for all crews.

Variable recompense pay is an unusual motivational instrument, but it can positively miss its mark without correct implementation and scenery the exact pay blend. If the sales squad is given a chance that weights too profoundly on incentive payment, the company runs the jeopardy of encouraging representatives to work autonomously, and perhaps shy absent from taking probabilities for the society. Too little adjustable performance pay and auctions reps may not be inspired adequate to operate at significant levels. The company employs this type of policy as it helps to regulate costs flow. Variable pay permits organizations to tie payment to revenue and financial presentation. When a business is thriving monetarily, it can repay its workers. During eras when the market is depressed, the company focuses on rewarding the staffs whose efforts are spinning things around. The other motive companies favour performance incentives is to aid stimulate their staff's highest equal of potential efficiency. When labours distinguish their compensation is tied straight to performance, they may be extra likely to work firm, get extra done, and focus on achieving precise business outcomes (Jin  & Huang 2014, p12). In transactions, this has conventionally focused on concluding deals. However, the same thought can apply to other zones of the business by concerning compensation to a worker's core business errands.

Dropbox Company enhanced skilled-based segmentation approach in the organisation. The method segments the employees based on their skills each one is portraying.

Human Resource specialists separate the numerous components of the establishment workforce to adopt the human resource policies and performs to each section. Such customisations influence recruitment, exercise and development, recompense, succession and subcontracting, to name but little practices. Many subdivision models are founded on job evaluations or income levels. These methods result in staff planning glitches. The company mostly based on skills value and skills uniqueness, which is an actual approach to fragment their workforce, is one based on expertise. After all, the company believes that skills are the new coinage in the 21st-century workstation. Skills' based workforce dissection approach receipts into account mutually the value and exceptionality of skills for a specific role to the association. Value and exclusivity are pervasive dimensions that separate most, if not all, the hominid capital.

Sole skills are infrequent and specialised, or structural specific. They are improbable to be initiated in the open bazaar, hard to substitute and hard for contestants to imitate or replica. These services need to be cultivated over time, assumed that they are not industrialized and acquired instantaneously. Companies are more probable to invest in the schooling, training and expansion of these services. Whatever the situation is with admiration to the kind of unique skills suitable to a role, the finished result is that both period and speculation in training and expansion are required to achieve these services to attain a satisfactory level of presentation. This is the motive why a sophisticated turnover multiple smears to these jobs or characters when manipulative the cost of income. In other arguments, when individuals occupying characters with unique abilities leave, then the conjecture in their training and development is misused (Shields et al. 2016). The company segments the staffs on that approach in the sense that they obligate high work to those specialized workers as compared to low obligation staffs given a less critical job in the organisation. The functions in the company based on the assignment of different teams based on their valuable skills and uniqueness. Skilled staffs get high wages as compared to less skilled workers in the company, meaning that high-obligated jobs also paid much better as compared to low obligated Dropbox jobs.

The company has capabilities of reducing employee turnover in the future from the total reward policy employed in compensating them. Motives often given for operative turnover comprise the following: a surge in pay, healthier work conditions, more stimulating work, an occasion to learn new skills, and a sensation of a lack of admiration or recognition in the existing job. The company use useful performance assessments as a Polaroid of the employee that contains a listing of accomplishments, current developments, skill sets, and assessable behaviours. This data used to find new customs to motivate personnel to live up to their filled potential. Lecturing each's desires in the organization will generate a highly motivated staff that strives for the unsurpassed as a whole. The company is in position to improve retention founded upon the information congregated in a presentation assessment; bosses can compare current talents with those obligatory for progression to progress a training plan to deliver the employee with continued learning and occasions. This performance is in the situation a form of positive recognition; however, other gratitude or reward occasions will make extant themselves during the presentation evaluation procedure as the manager paths progress on operative goals throughout the period. The current needs of Dropbox likely are in the position to change the organization functioning capabilities. The company is in need to improve their operation area to overseas countries to acquire high customer range and colossal market share hence high profits. Another issue is the competition that is arising in between the company and other establishments set in the world providing the same services to the customers. When the game is high, the profit income will turn to be less than before as the customer divided among the substitutes companies.

The issue of the rapid evolution of the technology currently in the entire universe will, in turn, affects the operating plans of Dropbox Company. The significance of this rapidity in the workplace has been that no employer nor worker has a passable clip to go adept in the several anxieties for produce before attracted with an updated or heightened version. Expertise about assuredly can be said to influence production currently additional than it marks direction or effort. Both terminuses of the interventions of production necessity trust upon the capable output of new strategies and must fix their belief that what is supplied into their protections ill promptly carry through the potential of its interior decorators and vendors with no request for crisp learning curvature.

The special promotions in the invention of literally every stock manufactured today are going more and reliant on the elevations in the design of apprehension engineering and the leniency of their enabling. If new produce, can none principally be learned and placed to utilize exact of the box speedily be deemed a catastrophe that is known through the community immediately as a sign of the advancements in communicating causing. If the company is to change genuinely, they must find a resolution, must discover the essence of the business and the worth it delivers to outmoded and connected clients. Dropbox must put reconsideration the spirit of today’s encirclement and eloquent how transformation is going to advance customer and employee involvements and relations now and over the period. Without deed so, any efforts at the development will be dissatisfied by reality. In an age of Digital Darwinism, no commercial is too giant to fail or too trivial to succeed. These are unmanageable times, which necessitate alternative tactics to recognize and hunt new opportunities. However, everything commences with identifying the 360 opinion of the world that companies see today is indeed a filtered view of accomplished and efficient expediency. Today, many administrations that were formerly inspired by invention and rendezvous have tumbled into a process of promotion, operationalizing, handling, and augmenting. That grit has worked for the healthier share of the preceding century, but for the subsequent ten years and beyond, new apparition; leadership and subsidiary business representations transcribed to move the company from rigid contexts to adaptive and agile articles. I trust that today’s administrators will experience a significant assessment; a test of appeal, vision, objective, and universal management in the entire company.

I wish to recommend changes to the plan of compensation to employees to the below process. Executives are strategizing about reimbursement. The method of discussions about wage will move into the meeting room as the company consider how payment can become a deliberate lever to initiative the business onward. The existences of the company-wide yearly three percent pay rise are over. Now, managers will discuss how to arrange to pay for those precarious jobs or top personnel they just cannot live without. At Pascale, I frequently say that reason is not necessarily identical which revenue employer’s necessity more urbane compensation management applies. Only since the company have different with the same designation, it does not mean always pay them likewise if one is distributing better outcomes. Another pay plan to recommend is enhancing clear pay strategies that will turn ordinary. The company is supposed to adopt lifting the veil of clandestineness around compensation. An examination of employers found that virtually half of all top performing companies had an evident pay culture where deliberations around pay were heartened. Other investigation shows that distribution market data with staffs so they can healthier understand how their wage determined shapes more trust with and upsurges job satisfaction, creating employees more probable to stay. Transparency is a budding trend, which will surge in the year 2017, predominantly as more millennials who do not view salary deliberations as taboo arrive into running roles (Herman 2016, p78). Compliance for a modest advantage will recommend to the organization. As rivalry gets intense for the most skilled staffs influencing the bottom line, productions will want to safeguard they are acquiescent at baseline. This means appreciative where the corporation falls about sexual category pay equity, paid consent, and minimum wage guidelines, for the sample. With deeper awareness about their recompense practices about resignation, the company can then get serious about being modest in the market. The success of the new plan will be advantageous in the sense that each employee even the one in the lowest category feels recognized and appreciate on the role played to the Dropbox company jobs in meeting the overall achievements. Justification to my recommendations lies on the basis that the plans will apply to distinguish and reward effective efforts and charities and checks what company most worth from employees. Creating the series of the available quality pay public permits the employees to view where their growth falls in the excellence pay ranges reputable by the company pay strategy. This underpins the actions and the performances that the company will want to see supplementary of and surges the likelihood that staffs will struggle for the best worth increase for the next corporation year.

When workers hold conversations with their superintendents about their highest merit intensification, they study all of the charities and actions that are greatest valued by the institute. This is hugely affirming and emphasizing. It is likewise an excellent occasion for the manager to sustain what they price in each of their commentary staff. According to (Cascio, 2018 p89) with workforces receiving less than the highest increase, the overseer has to describe and converse precisely how the operative will need to progress his or her routine to qualify for the first merit increase during the ensuing cycle of advances. Many Companies do not entirely understand their total compensation and the plan supposed to employ in rewarding their staffs. There have been gears when an employee seams another corporation for a higher basic salary only to understand that the total recompense was less than with his previous company. Without administrations being conscious of their compensation putting and not having indwelling a structured yet elastic compensation and plunders program, they route the risk of losing out on talent to contestants be it via new hires or poorer still current personnel. Rewarding staffs assist much and removes chances of them just performing their duties for the sake of it that at the end gives poor overall productivity.

Opportunities the company will acquire out of the plan of rewarding their employees are as discussed below:

 The first opportunity is that productivity. It is well known that affianced staff are meaningfully more productive, functioning efficiently and proactively in command to exert appealing job for best outcomes.  If exertions are likely to be acclaimed and rewarded, then it brands sense that an associate of staff will work firmer to receive such operative recognition (Bufford et al. 2014). The next opportunity the plan will bring about is Job satisfaction to the employees in the company. Identifying a worker’s efforts proves that the job they are doing is appreciated to the commercial. It directs the message that their steady work is worth satisfying and therefore must be significant which, in turn, makes the person feel that he/she is making a difference in the company. The last opportunity brought by the plan is enhancing the loyalty of the staffs to the company. It believed that if employees tend engagement with the business, they will be capable of endorsing and selling company’s brand far improved than someone who does not trust in or overhaul about it. Gratifying hard work creates loyalty and aids the team to feel a sensitive bond with the establishment.

Gantt chart as per recommendation

A Gantt chart in the figure below briefly explains action plan for the recommendations discussed. The Gantt chart enhanced by the duration of 6 weeks having six events as per recommendations.








Evaluation of total reward success

Internal research

Enhancing of metrics

External research




Behavioral metrics will enhance in total reward program implementation in the company as it dramatically tries improving staffs characters positively. When employee’s characters are positive, it means that they will be in a position to exert their role assigned appropriately, as they are always prone to success after exertion. Behavioral metric makes the workers suit the requirements sets by the senior management of the company hence turning them the appropriate consideration workforce. The other parameter in place is the reaction metric that is useful at the end of compensation policy in the company. The considerations considered based on the reaction of the staff as per the program initiated by the company.


Every employee wants to juncture an organization not only for the inordinate experiences they will accept in their exertion but they are also involved in the benefits that will relief them cultivate outside of the work. Total Booty is a concept describing all the tools existing to an employer that might apply to fascinate, motivate and retain personnel. As an operative or candidate for employment, the notion of total recompenses includes seeming value because of the employees association. It is an ongoing trend that customers ask us to aid them to derive up with creative conducts to attract and retain high actors and valued team associates. The plan of contributing total rewards has progressed considerably and is leveraged as a method to attract, motivate and recollect talent.

Therefore, I dare each one to think about entire rewards not just as those gears that reward the team for doing much work. The determination of company’s total rewards program is to aligning a team with required strategic creativities and company philosophy, and to the appeal, retain, and involve team members over transparency surrounding recompense and other plunders. The management should think about what do to show indebtedness, to make the team members’ lives calmer, or even to create life after drudgery into retirement more contented.  The things employees require, like career expansion, flexibility, gratitude, and work-life addition, are intangible they might not repay money for it, and even if they do, it is a globule in the bucket equated to the rest of the company’s budget. They are valuable static welfares that should emphasize as part of the entire company’s total rewards platform and the value interconnected to the employees (Cascio 2018, p90). Therefore, it is essential for any executive in a company to ensure they have the right compensation plan. In an enhancement of retaining best and unique skills in the company reward program dramatically needs acknowledgement to all employees.


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