EBay’s Marketing Strategy

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1. eBay’s Market Orientation

eBay’s market orientation is tailored to understand individual customers’ shopping needs. The company has a central data respiratory (“Customer DNA”) and CRM center which provides customers with personalized and relevant outbound marketing. eBay’s “Customer DNA” can be described as an almost biogenetic engineering built to serve customized online shopping needs (Becker, 2018). The use of data analytics helps to optimize customer interactions as the company’s community of users, business model provides knowledge about customers. The electronic community connects and gets customers to the business and the associated shopping convenience keeps the customers. eBay’s marketing strategy focuses on convenient shopping experience to retain and grow their customers. Excellence as a core value of eBay’s culture inspires improvement in marketing operations.

2. The Hummer by General Motors

The Hummer by General Motors was one of the unresponsive automobile brands. The civilian model was produced largely based on its toughness feature but the company failed to consider the excessive gas-guzzling characteristic of the car. Most consumers could not bear with expensive purchase, the rising cost of oil as well as the ecological insensitivity of such a car. When the Hummer sales failed, GM announced in 2010 to phase out the brand from the market. Toyota has been a proactive manufacturer, a strategy which has enabled the company to dominate the industry. In the closing 1990s, Toyota produced the Prius hybrid after tuning in to signals of growing social concerns over gas emissions (Araújo & Gava, 2012). The company resolved to start producing environmentally sensitive products. Toyota mainly produces durable, elegant and cheap cars which are affordable to many people, hence a large global market for company. The reactive strategy entails changing organizational strategy to incorporate changes that have occurred in the industry whereas responsive strategy involves strategizing according to trends and competitors’ strategies. Lastly, the anticipatory strategy involves making predictions based on invisible but potential market signals.


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January 19, 2024


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